Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What does hookers mean?

So, it's New Year's Eve and I originally wasn't supposed to have the kids so I had to plan something last minute. I decided to start it off with dinner out at Cafe Rio with friends. We hadn't done that in a long time. So, we're eating our usual yummy Rio dishes when in walks three hoochies in mini skirts up to know. Skyscraper heels and make-up like there is no tomorrow! Hair that is sprayed and perfectly in place. So, I casually and quietly state, "we get to celebrate New Year's with hookers!" Well, Mikaela hears me and says, "what does hookers mean?" I'm trying to contain my laughter as well as think quickly how to respond in a quiet manner so as not to drag the nearing Rio diners into this conversation. Then, Mikaela says, "does hookers like to freeze your legs off?" YES Mikaela...that is exactly what it means. Now eat your burrito!!! Nah, I didn't tell her that, but I wanted to! Then, Mikaela wouldn't let it go and asked, "how do they keep themselves covered with their skirts when they are sitting down?" Hmmmm....that is a problem! Oh ya, and one of the hoochies...totally burped out loud! Nice. Classy.

As we continued eating, we had tons of guys and girls trickle into the Rio. The aforementioned hoochies were part of this group. They were young and dressed to kill. Well, mostly young. There were a few oldies trying to pass themselves off as young-ins. Apparently, the Rio was their meeting place. I have no idea where they were headed, but those girls were in for a very long, cold, painful and uncomfortable night. I just can't imagine hanging out in a tiny skirt with cold legs and high heels. Ouch! There must be easier ways to attract a man! Maybe I'm just gettin' old!

We celebrated the rest of the night at home. We dipped strawberries, fortune cookies and pretzels and had those at midnight along with some pots and pans bangin', texting and fireworks from the local city on our doorstep. Happy 2009!!! I hope it's better than last year! I could really use a "new" year!


Allred Family said...

Happy New Year Larissa! Your Christmas card was beautiful. Thanks for keeping me on the list when I really never send out cards. I always think - this will be the year and then everything hits and I think...maybe next year.

spew said...

Just a couple things:

There is not a better way to attract men.

Why didn't you get a number for D-Rock?

Larissa said...

Ah...crap, Spew!

The hoochies also grabbed the attention of all the women in the place too! Maybe they're on to something...

Oh ya, "excuse me slutty girls can I"...oh I mean "Hi, totally normally dressed girls...can I get your digits for my brother? Any of you will do...except for belchy over there...thanks."

Larissa said...

You didn't do that this year. I enjoyed getting a card from you this year. It was super cute. Good job getting them out!