Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy {late} Birthday Billy!

Billy's birthday was December 18th and I didn't get around to posting his birthday post and pictures. So, I figure it's better late than never. So, here ya go.

Things I love about Billy:

He still lets us call him Billy
He is super funny
He is a good father
He is super smart
He is a talented builder
He is good with electronics
He is good at sports
He loves mayonaise (?)
He makes awesome potato salad
He will eat anything you make him (except peas)
He will make you laugh
He can talk for hours (must be the 4 sisters thing)
He is there when you need him

So, there are a few things I love about my brother Billy. I think he would prefer that we call him Bill but some things you just can't change. Sorry!

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