Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Is it time to start thinking about this...

Is it swimsuit season, yet? I see the stores are starting to sell them. I would like it to be. Not the swimsuit part but, the warm weather part. I love nice weather and this winter is killing me! Now, I realize that it started later and all that but it's sooooooo stinkin' cold! Even the water coming out of the faucet seems colder than normal. It freezes to the bone. I can't even seem to warm up...ever! Not only that, I keep hearing of everyone's plans to vacation here in the next few months. Hawaii, Florida, Mexico and so many cruises. I'm so craving the beach right now. Does anyone know of any good deals to Ixtapa?

I think we should get Snickers one of these super hot ensembles? Don't you? Or, maybe one for Snickers and Princess!!!

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amy k said...

It's crazy how soon things start coming out. I didn't buy my first swimsuit last year til September when the all went on clearance for $1.50 each. It was nice!!!!!