Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Birthday D-Rock!!!

Derrek at approx. 6 years old
Doesn't Dalton look a little like the birthday boy?
Today is Derrek's birthday. We are going to celebrate with a BBQ with kabobs and other meats and mom's awesome potato salad. Then we will have cake and ice cream. We are even going to try out the new slushy maker to see if it will work for the family reunion.
Because I am nine years older than Derrek, I remember helping take care of him all the time. I remember holding him, changing diapers, feeding him, and rocking him. He was the cutest little baby ever. Derrek is one of the two best brothers I have ever had! I just love him. Here are just some of the reasons I love D-Rock!
He is funny
He is smart
He is humble
He is honest
He is a peacemaker
He is insightful
He gives good advice
He is reasonable
He is patient
He is tolerant
He is good with my kids
He tries to help everyone
He is a good worker
He is a great baseball player
He is a surprisingly fast sprinter

Summer, Derrek, and Val

Kim, Derrek, Summer, Marc

Larissa, Derrek, and Summer

Derrek, Suzanne, Nick, and Larissa

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Whole lotta church!

Today we had stake conference = 2 hours. Then, I listened to Summer speak = 1 hour 10 minutes. Then, I had planned to drive an hour to a family baby blessing = 4 hours. But, the baby blessing was cancelled (phew) and I was invited to another baby blessing (uh oh) and I turned it down. All I can say is, I wanna get outta my dress and that would have been a whole lotta church, especially for the kids!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Fun!!!

Summer is officially here! It's hotter than hot outside and Dalton has started swimming lessons. All the kids are questioning bedtime at 9! Evertime I mention bedtime, Dalton says "what, it's light outside!" That would explain why they can't get to sleep until 10:30!

We spent Saturday at the pool and it was awesome! It was a great way to cool off. I think we are going to live at the pool because it is just so stinkin' hot out. The other kids will start swimming lessons in July and August (if we can figure it all out with vacations). So between all of that and a couple beach and lake trips and a trip to Seven Peaks, I think we will get our water fill. That's how we like it! Oh, and I even ate a blue raspberry snow cone for the first time in forever!!!

I love Summer!!! Bring it on!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I feel so Amish!!!

The cable t.v. went out! We can only watch one or two stations! One computer keeps dying and one computer left the building for a week (with it's owner, Summer)! So, in other words, no computer and no DVR! What?! We have no air conditioning at all! No central air or swamp cooler! I am super hot and bothered and not in a good way! Mom even told me I should go plant a garden! Are you kidding me? That would be the biggest time waster. I suck at gardening. The only way I plan to hang outside is by a pool or a lake!

I like the amish, but I don't want to live like them.

It's actually not that bad, we still have some fans strategically placed throughout the house and I can occasionally get my computer to come on if I hit in the right spot. Next week I shall be back to my technological addictions in life. But, for now, I will have small glimpses of computer time and one or two stations on t.v. and I will sweat in places I didn't know I could sweat! Who's with me!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So many of us are sad right now

Yesterday, I got some devastating news about this wonderful lady, Paula, in my ward. I have known her since I was a teenager and she is absolutely awesome! She is the cutest grandma and so cute with the children in the ward. She taught Hudson in primary and is just so good with the kids. She always provides activities geared towards the children for our ward activities. She doesn't forget about the kids. I remember one time when Dalton was a new sunbeam and he said the closing prayer in primary all by himself. It was hilariously cute. The kids and adults were laughing and there was Paula giggling and I heard her say "that is the cutest thing I have ever seen!" It brought tears to my eyes because it was so darn cute! One time recently, she was substitute teaching Hudson's class and he was the only one there. He was going through his anger phase and she was so good with him. She is so good with kids!

Paula was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer on Monday. I have known her and her family for years and even went to school with Troy from Kindergarten to 12th grade, but I have just recently become close internet buddies with Troy and Kelli, Jill, Keli, Meg and Paula. I have to say, they are some of the best people you will ever know. I don't know if you noticed, but Paula was the only one to comment on Mikaela's birthday post. She is so thoughtful. We went on both cruises with them to Mexico and Hawaii and they are so fun. Bishop Noorda was the bishop while we were in Podiatry school and residency and while Derrek was on his mission. He has always been good to my family and gave me great encouragement and advice during those stressful times. The whole family has also been super supportive of me during the most recent mess in my life and for that I am truly grateful. And so, my heart has been aching all day for them and I can't stop crying and wondering why. Her kids have expressed their feelings in their blogs and they are so eloquent. But, each time I read their words, I can't stop crying. I don't understand it. I don't understand why good people who are doing good things and influencing people for good have to leave us so early and why so many toxic crap-heads are out there contaminating the world! I hate it! I can't stand it!

One thing I do know is that life is fragile and life is too short! It's too short to worry and fight about the small stuff. We need to cherish each moment and make the most of it. We need to live in this moment. Life is too short to not be surrounded by people who truly love and care for you.

I just want the entire Noorda family to know how much my children and I care for you and love you all. We will be praying for you all. You are right, Cancer does suck!


Mikaela had YW's and Hudson wanted to do something fun since none of his friends could play. I just was not in the mood to do or go anywhere, not to mention it is a school night, so I watched the Celtics beat the Lakers with my boys and we ate popcorn! Mikaela came home safe and happy. I consider that a good night.

Monday, June 16, 2008

So happy not to be living there anymore!

While living in Des Moines was an experience I will never forget and I met many awesome lifetime friends and even had my second child there, I am so happy not to be dealing with flooding and tornados and the freakin' humid hotness. Not that I'm not miserably hot here, cuz I am, but at least I have my family and friends close to make up for it. The recent flooding has me thinking of my days there. It was 9 years ago this month that we moved from Des Moines to Utah. Here are some pictures of Des Moines from the news. Eastern Iowa is much worse but we didn't live there.

We used to boat at this lake.

I don't think there is much boating going on right now.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy 12th Birthday Mikaela!!!!

I can not believe it. My first born is 12!!! The time has flown by so fast it just amazes me. She has really grown up a lot and I watch her constantly changing. I keep waiting for the physical growth spurt here to hit any minute. You should see how small she is compared to so many other 6th graders. I know it is on it's way soon! Anyway, here are some pictures of my baby

Mikaela's blessing 1996

Mikaela at the beach in 1997


Mikaela and mommy in 2001

Mikaela camping in 2002

Wakeboarding in Yuba

Surfing in Imperial Beach

Elyssa, Mikaela, and McKell
Mikaela's BFFs!!!

Mikaela singing for Jonas Bro's tickets

Mikaela and Grandma

Just Mikaela

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I put $99.00 worth of gas in my car. I was not able to fill the tank, my credit card just cut me off at $99.00. I guess I had my limit in gasoline. I think I need a different car!!!