Monday, April 27, 2009

It's A Boy!!!

It's not my boy. It's Billy and Cham's baby. But, after two girls and no boys to carry on the family name, we are finally getting a boy and we are all pretty excited! Except maybe Ari who says boys stink! But, stinky or not, we love em! Mom has even purchased tons of boys clothes and now she doesn't have to return them all. Yay!
Check him out!

This is the 4D Ultrasound. Isn't it cool and a wee bit creepy?

I'm number freakin'!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Playing Guitar Hero...

makes me want to cuss! Just thought you should know.

Flashback Friday

I am posting a flashback of one of my most embarrassing moments from middle school. I'm not sure why I am posting this memory, but I'm gonna go against everything in me that says not to and just do it.

It's a simple memory, really. I'm sitting in class, listening to the teacher and all of sudden...I CUT THE CHEESE! In class. In middle school. I thought I would die. Literally...die a long, drawn out, slow, embarrassing death. Everyone started laughing really hard so I laughed along with them and tried to blame it on other people. But, there was no getting away with that. I think they all knew it was me!

A few minutes later during quiet reading time, I sorta meandered over to the book shelf to sit down on the floor and find myself a book to read. I sat there going through books when this cowgirl (whose name I still remember, btw) came over with her cowgirl boots and started kicking me. Kicking me...because I cut the cheese! Seriously! Isn't my life pretty much over by this time? The last thing I needed was some cowgirl kicking me with her dung covered boots letting me know that SHE knows it was me who cut the cheese. And that's about all I remember about the story. Apparently, the embarrassment didn't last long because no one else ever called me names or teased me about it again. Maybe I blocked it from my mind. Hopefully, my "quick to act" laughter along with the rest of the class made them all wonder who really did it. But, I'm pretty sure my red face gave it away.

It's my 20 year high school reunion this year. Maybe I'll bring me some cowgirl boots and kick her in the teeth!

The reason I say "cut the cheese" even though no one ever says that anymore, is because of this Roseanne episode.  So funny.  Here's a clip from the episode of Roseanne where Becky cuts the cheese in school. In front of all her hoity toity friends and her hot date for that night. She thinks she's gonna die. (Which I can totally relate too.) My favorite part is when Crystal brings over a card after she hears of Becky's "unfortunate incident" and Roseanne says they were thinking of having her put to sleep. I couldn't find a clip of that without it being 10 minutes long.

Help a family in need...

I started doing research for our primary quarterly activity as well as my sharing time next weekend and the first thing I saw when I clicked on sugardoodle, was a notice to help a family in need. It was through LDSPrimaryPosters which also happens to be Don's cousin Emily. She is donating all her sales for the month of April to this family in her ward who tragically lost their father to a car accident. I figured the least I could do is help spread the word via my blog. So, if you are the primary chorister in your ward and you need some poster help, check out her blog and make a purchase during April and you will also be helping a family in need.

On a side note...any fresh ideas for a service quarterly activity? I was thinking of doing something with earth day in mind...maybe some recycling stuff.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!!

I have been a fan of Earth Day since college. Do something today to make a difference in our planet. We are destroying it and every little thing your family does makes a difference. Check out the trailer for the new Disney movie "earth" and also about her Earth day show. I think you'll find the info on her website shocking! I mean, Belluga whales are now getting breast cancer like humans because of the dioxins and crap in the garbage in our oceans. We are making it a difficult place for our posterity. I always think about my great grandchildren and what this world will be like for them. So, this week I ordered a second recycling can and plan to make a conscious effort to fill it instead of the garbage can. I'm also really trying to remember my reusable grocery bags. They're actually a lot better. You can fit tons of stuff in them AND carry like four at a time fairly easily. Get some if you don't have any. There are tons of tips out there. I'm encouraging you to do just one. Mikaela just told me that we are supposed to turn off all power tonight at nine for one minute. Imagine everyone doing that? What a difference a minute can make!
Earth trailer:

Hudson's gum surgery

went well yesterday. He had a gingival grafting done. They all said he was the best patient. They were all surprised at how well he did, especially for being a 9 year old boy. Hudson pretty much rocks this being a patient thing. He's been a tough kid from the beginning. He's my only child that has had to endure the many pokes, tests and hospital stays from newborn on up.

He is taking it easy and eating like he's 9 months old again, but other than that...he's doing great! Yay!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Need some advice...

Help! I have a situation. This is not your regular situation and it's going to be hard to explain what life is like for Mikaela without publicizing things that really shouldn't be publicized. But, my problem is that Mikaela hates piano. (I know you are all thinking that EVERY kid hates piano, but seriously, this is awful!) She absolutely hates it. The last few months, she has consistently not practiced well and not learned her songs. She even had to drop out of her last federation and AIM performances in March. She was completely unprepared for her recital and at the last minute dropped out of that. She stalls and stalls while avoiding practicing. I ask her over and over again to practice and then I get stern and start with the consequences and nothing. She sits at the piano and cries and cries and says all kinds of rude things to herself. She makes an hour piano practice last 2-3 hours and she still hasn't successfully practiced. I can sit with her some of the time, but we can't get past the bawling and destructive self talk. I'm exhausted and frustrated and I am really wondering why I am pushing this. Now, you have to keep in mind that there are some issues here that I can't explain as to the entire dynamic of our life situation. Just know that it's not the type of life where you come home from school and deal with the usual homework, piano, extracurricular activities and dinner time and chatting with friends, etc. There's some extenuating circumstances surrounding things. I wish I could tell you all of it because I think it might help you to understand but, just imagine chaos and mayhem and times it by 10 and you might be close to what we all deal with. You might think I'm kidding or feeling sorry for myself but, I'm not!
See, here's the background. Mikaela wanted to play piano so I signed her up. She has taken lessons for four years. She has a really good, yet strict piano teacher. Her teacher loves her to death and sees she has talent and has made every exception under the sun to try and make things simpler for Mikaela. Mikaela has always fought practicing, but that is how every child is, right? But lately, things are horrible! She goes to her dad's house every other weekend and Wednesday nights as well as half of any breaks and half the holidays. Oftentimes, he does not make her practice. She will go days without practicing at his house. He has even told her to just quit. He blames me for forcing her to take piano and calls me all these terrible names in front of the kids. He will do and say anything that is opposite of what I say and do. He will never support anything and he will always sabotage my efforts. He was forced to play piano as a child and it has served him no benefit at all. He hates it and every time it is brought up it is discussed with hate and anger. So, I am asking myself why I am doing this? It costs me a lot of money every month that I really don't have. It costs in gas and time to drive her there as well as the constant supply of books that are necessary. Our relationship is suffering and I just don't want this to be the thing she holds against me. Especially, when my personal opinion is that it just isn't important anymore. I have explained all the reasons to keep playing and to just keep with it and it will get better and better. She just doesn't care. She finds no joy in it whatsoever. Another piano teacher told me that it is supposed to be at least enjoyable. She is super emotional anyway because of her family situation and the hormones and being a pre-teen and all the stuff that comes with that. I wanna know why I should keep this up? I guess what I need to hear from people is that it isn't going to kill us if I let her quit. You will be okay if she quits. It's really sad because she does have talent and I hate to see it all go to waste as well as all the time and money invested so far. But, I also hate to see her end up depressed, suicidal, drug addicted, a runaway, etc. Because if anything like that happens, none of this will matter anyway. But, I don't want to give in to her and let her win anything especially if she is using manipulation. But I also don't have it in me to fight her on this any longer. And, things are really bad right now. REALLY BAD! I can't tell you what or why but please trust me that she is going through what no 12 year old should ever go through. I get really angry even writing about it. So, let me know your thoughts. I've been praying about it and I am going to the temple about it, but I still want to know what you all think. Please be honest yet gentle. I don't need any more brutality! Thanks for being great friends!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Cham and Loren!!!

Yesterday was Cham's birthday and today is Loren's! Cham and Loren celebrated yesterday with lunch at chick-fil-a and a mommy/daughter pedicure. Then Cham and Billy went to dinner at Macaroni Grill where they just so happened to be the lucky table that got their meal comped for the night! Rock on! Then tonight we are having a rockin family BBQ (the first of the season) with yummy steaks and ribs (so they say...), mom's potato salad, Suzanne's pasta, asparagus, green salad and baked beans. And cake and strawberry shortcake for dessert! Delish! I love family BBQs. They are the best! So Happy Birthday to Cham and Loren! Thanks for being in our family.

I don't have any pictures of Cham and Loren together! Click on their names for the last year's post/pics for Loren and Cham.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Girls only day...

Mikaela had Monday off for Spring Break, but the boys had to go back to school. So, I got to spend the day with Mikaela doing what she wanted to do. We ran to lunch at Noodles, where we both got the same delicious dish and then off to see Bride Wars. Super cute movie. While at the theater, we ran into a friend of Mikaela's and her sister and mom that were watching the same movie. This mom was actually my best friend during our middle school years. We killed a little time shopping at Target and then ended our "girls only" day by picking up two of the cutest little Y chromosomes ever!

Then...the night was testosterone filled as the four of us went to the Jazz v. Clippers game. We got free tickets and an awesome parking spot! Not to mention...the Jazz won 106 - 85.

We need more great days like this...

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I shopped early for Easter. I bought candy and a few little things (I don't go overboard on Easter) and planned to decorate Easter eggs and all that and then...I realized I didn't have my kids for Easter or Spring Break this year! So, I just pulled out a bag of M & M's from the hidden cupboard and realized that Summer and I have slowly eaten them ALL!!! Well...there's five left!

Rock on!!!

Happy Easter Ya'll

Saturday, April 4, 2009


A few weeks ago, I was awakened on a Sunday morning to this song titled "Again". I laid there and sobbed. This song spoke to me. It was so on point with what I am going through and it was about the things my other divorced friends are going through. My friends and I have been finding songs for each other to lift us up and help us move on. I was preparing this post as a dedication to my friends with this specific song and I wanted to attach the song to it before I posted, but I was having trouble doing it for weeks and weeks. I swear I tried everything. Finally, something huge and upsetting happened to me and then I re-visited this post and it all made sense. Now, I understand why I was to wait to post this until now.

I had no idea that last week would be one of the most shocking and upsetting weeks I have ever endured. I have been betrayed by a friend (that I have known for years) in a way that no one should have to. I was accused of hurtful things that are horribly disgusting and entirely untrue. I feel like she has ruined a long time friendship for things that are only assumed and lack any foundation. My heart aches because of the loss of someone I really thought cared as well as the attack on me personally.

As I reverted back to this post, I realized that I was being prepared for this moment. I thought I had already dealt with the worst of the judging and ridicule, but I hadn't, and the Lord knew that I wasn't finished. My family, friends, my faith and love for the Lord as well as his love for me has helped me through this awful pain. This post is dedicated to my friends and others who have to deal with this stuff. It's awful...and if you are judging others in this situation, please don't. You have no idea what is going on and you have no right to judge them. I have another friend who judged single people all the time and made rude comments about them and assumptions as to why they weren't married yet and then came the humbling experience...her husband shocked her with the news that he was cheating on her and was planning to marry the mistress. She is now single and enduring all the pain that goes along with it. (Being without your children, being unaware of anything that goes on in the "other" half of their life, not being able to comfort them when they are sick, going weeks without them.) It's like nothing you could ever imagine. Your heart aches and the pain never goes away. It isn't easy and it isn't fun and it isn't the choice that any of us planned on. It often happens simply by chance. So, don't think you are immune. Don't think you are too good or too worthy for it to happen. It happens to the best of us. And now to my original dedicatory post....

This is to all my friends who have had to go through the loss of a spouse either by death or divorce and have had to endure the ridicule and judgment of others who can not even begin to empathize. Some mean well, while others are just plain hurtful. This is for those times when we need help hanging on, when we seek a little peace, when our hearts have had enough, when we've given our all and we need that reassurance that we can and will make it.

My wish is that we can always remember there is one who understands more than anyone else, one who truly knows what we have gone through and are going through and we can trust in Him to lead us on the right path as we start over again. The one that we can seek refuge from the constant storms of those with mere mortal understanding - those who may never understand what price we have to pay. My wish for them is that they never have to...


by: Jessie Clark Funk

I've wrestled with demons and darkness. I've wrestled with what has been lost.
I carry this crushing weight on my shoulders and try not to think of the cost.
It's more than a single decision. It's giving a part of myself.
It's something I simply can't do on my own so I'm pleading with you for your help.


Again and again I've asked myself why? I don't think that I have any tears left to cry.
My soul is so tired, I'm longing for rest. I'm giving my all and I'm doing my best.
It hurts to move on from the place I am in. But, you understand where I've been.
You reassure me it's time to start over again.

I'm finally ready to listen. I'm finally ready to hear.
Struggling to get to a place you can reach me. Where peace can speak louder than fear.
I can't see the end of the story. There's no way to know how it ends.
For now I let go and I trust you to lead me and show my heart where to begin.


All of the pain and confusion I'm going through. I'm turning it over to you.
Willing to trust, it's the right thing to do.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes...

Dalton: Hi Summer...did you have fun in Hawaii?
Summer: Yep
Dalton: Did you see snakes?
Summer: No, I saw geckos and turtles.
Dalton: Was your favorite part skydiving?
Summer: Yep
Dalton: Did you see a mermaid?
Summer: mermaids.

Gotta love '!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day

Gotta love those kids:

Hudson: Today is Summer's birthday party and we are going!
Dalton: We are?!
Hudson: April Fools

Dalton: Mom, I just lost a tooth!
Me: You did?!
Dalton: April Fools

Mother Nature: It's Springtime!
Utahns: It is?!
Mother Nature: April Fools
Utahns: @$#!&*

Hudson wrapped some cardboard in a candy bar wrapper to give to his teacher today. I can't wait to hear how he responded!!! Hudson is just positive that he is gonna pull one over on him. hee hee