Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mikaela's birthday photos

Here are the photos from Mikaela's birthday celebration at Leatherby's and her family party at home and at James' pool.

Yummy Nothing Bundt Cake!

Happy Birthday Mikaela!!!

Mikaela had her 13th birthday today!

She is officially a teenager!

This oughta be good!

She is a great kid. She is so smart, intuitive and sensitive. She can see things from so many different perspectives. She has to endure a lot of things and she is growing into a very strong person. She's basically gonna kick butt when she gets older!

The boys are still in school so Mikaela, Grandma, Mckell, Diane and myself went to see "Confessions of a Shopaholic" at the dollar theater. Then, Mikaela went with Mckell to her dance class because it was "bring a friend" day. After that we all (Hudson, Dalton, Mikaela, me, Grandma, Summer, Nick and Suzanne) went to Leatherby's for dinner and ice cream. We had a nice time even though Summer thought Leatherby's was a little ghetto. Mikaela chose it because they have awesome chicken fingers and their carmel is delish! Plus, it's her birthday! Summer took a few pictures so when she sends them to me, I will post them.

I hope you had an awesome day Mikaela. I love you tons and tons!

You are the best daughter anyone could ask for!!!

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


New pair of church pants = $14.00
Gum in new pair of church pants while wearing for the first time = Grrrr!
Ice cube and knife trick = Frustrating
Slightly hot vinegar, soak for 10 minutes & scrub with a toothbrush = Excellent
House smelling like Easter eggs on a hot summer day in June = Stinky...

But...oh so worth it!

Try it next time.

Super cool idea.

Thank you internets!

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