Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween 07

Summer had a Halloween party for the adults on the 26th of October. Everyone was very good to dress up. The food was pretty good but, the location was a pain. We couldn't really decorate and we had to be quiet and out by 10 pm. The music definately needs to be re-vamped for next year. Other than that, the party was fun. We also tried limbo and dancing. We know what to do better for next year. So, everyone plan now for next year because it's going to be awesome!
God's gift to women (Billy) and Ariel (Cham)
Don, Larissa, Tamra and Kyle
Kim (greek goddess) and Derrek (troll doll)
Pimp daddy (Nick) and Raggedy Ann (Suzanne)
Some of the yummy treats. Summer made brain cupcakes, witches hats, veggie tray and wassail. She was super crafty. I couldn't believe she wanted it so cutsey putsey. We even made cute cards to label the food trays. Ton brought carmel popcorn and brownies. Kim brought candy.

Summer's friends
Kevin (dressed as Kyle), Shawn (guy from clockwork orange), TJ (Plug), Kim (Socket), Kyle, Micah, (don't know this guy?),
Tonya, Val and Summer (Mr. Slim Goodbody)

The Golden Girls
Jon, Melissa, Laura and Spew

Kim's friends

Slash (Lorna), Raggedy Ann and Pimp daddy
Pirate couple - Ton and Micah