Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hawaii, again...

Sorry about all the separate posts but, I have no clue how to post a bunch of
smaller pictures in one post. I am still a blog novice.



I miss you beautiful Hawaiian sands and ocean!!!

Laura and I with our twin rash guards!

Um, should someone tell her
that's not how you wear the lei?

My first time surfing in Maui. It was awesome!

I wish I could do it more often. I think I could get addicted.
The only bad part was that it was really crowded.
(notice Don in the background)

Don getting ready to jump off a cliff on Kaua'i.

We hiked down to these pools of water and as I am walking towards the top of this cliff, I hear a loud splat and Don is missing. I freaked out for a second and then saw him come up. I had no clue he was going to jump and I guess the splat was his shoes hitting the water. So, he goes up to do it again. This time I had the camera ready.

We all rented jeeps or convertibles on Kaua'i. It was super fun!
View from the Naapali coast hike
We ended our hike with this beach. We watched the waves crash into each other. But they didn't crash like they normally do, they were perpendicular to each other. I have never seen waves crashing like that but I guess that is normal in the winter. You can't really tell from the picture but, the large wave in this picture is breaking sideways. It was really cool to see. I guess our friends actually played and swam at this beach during the summer. It's amazing how different it is in the winter. The water is so much more intense and scary.
More views from the hike.

Formal night on the ship.

Thanks to my friend Tamra for lending me her dress, you rock!!!

More Hawaii Pictures

Hanalei Bay

Here's Don surfing on Hanalei Bay. He went back alone the next day and the tide was so high, he had to go down further. Only professionals were surfing there at that time. We were lucky to have had the awesome day before to play.

Scenic Kauai. It's so awesome!

More Hawaii Pictures


I guess in the summer people swim in this but this was February. One stupid guy jumped in a little further to the left. I guess he survived. We didn't stick around to find out.

Fantasy Island waterfalls

More falls

Naapali coastline - view from the ship

Don and I.

My hair did not like the Hawaiian humidity. Ugh!

Sunset on Oahu

I am not sure where we stopped to rest but, we watched a great sunset. I tried to take a great sunset picture and these were the best I could get. They don't nearly capture how beautiful it was. It was so relaxing and just peaceful. It's not often that I get a moment to stop and really take in the sunset. This was my moment of heaven on earth. Okay enough of the cheesy stuff!

Last Day in Hawaii

We were definitely in some serious mourning this day. I just didn't want to leave. Hawaii is so beautiful. These were taken in Oahu on the last day. We spent the day waiting for our 11:30 pm flight. Just rested and watched the sunset. Our other friends were on another flight so we were alone at this point. We had to do the usual vacation pictures. You take me and I'll take you. We then raced to Waikiki to get some Lava Flows before racing back to the airport. We got to the restaurant and just went to the bar. Don told the hostess that we just wanted to get some Lava Lava's. She looked at him very strangely and said "do you mean Lava Flows? Lava Lava is a dress!" Don was a little embarrassed but the Lava Flows were worth the rush!


This is Don with a cool break in the background

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Hawaii Rocks!!!

Here are a few pictures from our Hawaii cruise. I have so much to say and so little space. It was a blast. It was not, however, relaxing in any way. The third to the last day we actually laid on the beach and caught some rays and much needed rest but, all the rest of the days were go, go, go. (However Don was not with me that day. He spent the day Snorkeling Molokini and surfing in Lahaina while I snorkeled at Black Rock and went on a whale watching tour. We flew to Oahu and stayed for three days doing the Oahu thang. Then caught the ship on Sunday and set sail to Kauai. We spent Monday and Tuesday there. We did the Napaoli coast hike, Queensbath, and Hanalei Bay surfing for Don and boogie boardin for me. I must say that Hanalei Bay was by far the best boogie boarding ever! It is now my favorite beach for boogie boarding. California isn't nearly as good (both Nor Cal and So Cal). Sorry to all the Californians. We had to rush back to the ship every day to set sail for the next port. On Wednesday we spent the day in Hilo then Thursday we spent the day in Kona. On Friday and Saturday we spent time in Maui and then disembarked Sunday back in Oahu. I will post more pictures as I get them downloaded and give you more details on the activities. This is just a taste of the excitement yet to come.

Don and I onboard the ship right before leaving Oahu

Don getting sprayed at Queensbath on Kauai

Don and a coconut. Don is on the right.
(Hanalei Bay)

A great picture with perfect lighting of Don and I at Queensbath