Thursday, March 8, 2007

Last Day in Hawaii

We were definitely in some serious mourning this day. I just didn't want to leave. Hawaii is so beautiful. These were taken in Oahu on the last day. We spent the day waiting for our 11:30 pm flight. Just rested and watched the sunset. Our other friends were on another flight so we were alone at this point. We had to do the usual vacation pictures. You take me and I'll take you. We then raced to Waikiki to get some Lava Flows before racing back to the airport. We got to the restaurant and just went to the bar. Don told the hostess that we just wanted to get some Lava Lava's. She looked at him very strangely and said "do you mean Lava Flows? Lava Lava is a dress!" Don was a little embarrassed but the Lava Flows were worth the rush!


This is Don with a cool break in the background

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