Saturday, March 29, 2008

I danced my watch off!!!

Today I found myself ALONE cleaning my room, doing laundry etc. So, what did I decide to do? Turn the music up loud and dance. Dancing is my therapy. I boogied so much that my watch (which has a clasp) flew off! It's not broken, I just danced it loose. Let's hope I burned off some stress and calories.

I love to dance and do it whenever I get the chance. I don't care who sees me. Often times my kids will join in and sometimes other people too. We have even been known to dance with the neighbors. Ahhh, the good old days. People should do more of it. It is awesome. So, next time you get upset, turn on some High School Musical with the kids and get down! You'll feel amazing and it's much cheaper than therapy. If you ever need someone to dance with you, call me. I'll be right over!

Um, I just came in here to get some milk...

Tonight I had to run to the grocery store at 11 pm for milk. I got a few items and the store was basically vacant. I went to the checkout and the guy in front of me was just finishing his transaction when the bagger with her huge smile and ultra sweet voice says "have a great night" to which he replies "thank you, you too." Then she says "THANKS, I WILL!" It was REALLY loud and REALLY sappy. I immediately felt like throwing up. How can someone be so happy at 11 pm on a Friday night bagging groceries? So, it's my turn to check out and I get the usual "would you like paper or plastic?" Then, she proceeds to sing some song that sounded like a musical or something, REALLY loud! She had a nice voice, but that wasn't the point. I thought for sure rabbits, mice and birds would come out of the woodwork and crevices to help her bag my groceries. The cashier just ran everything through, but had a look like she was going to throw my milk at her! She asks if I want help out with my groceries and I hurriedly said "Nooooooooo, I'm okay, thank you." Then, she gives me the same exact farewell phrase. I wanted to say something to throw her off her game but, I was too tired so I said the same "thank you, you too" to which she responded with the same "THANKS, I WILL!" I hurried out as fast as I could to the peaceful refuge that was my car. It was literally like being in a Disney movie and she was singing for her one true love to come riding into the store on his white horse to rescue her from her bagger job. Who knows, I'm such a skeptic, maybe that's how it really works! (That's David Beckham on the white horse, by the way.)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Gram!!!

It's Maxi's birthday today. She is 84!!! I had to post a picture of the cartoon Maxine because she is so much like Gram and Gram loves her. She looks like her, has the same name and is sassy like Gram. Gram is awesome and doing well. She still camps with us and sleeps in a tent! She rarely complains about anything. She is laid back and goes with the flow and she is a night owl. I only hope that I can follow in her footsteps. I'm praying that I received all the good genes from her and her mother!

My grandpa Boyd and grandma Maxine and her sister Elaine and Uncle Chuck

Four Generations
Grandma Rose, Grandma Maxine, Mom and Me!!!

Gram and Derrek jetskiing! Grandma rocks!!!

Gram and baby Anthony
(The oldest and youngest of the Harris reunion)

Norm, Gram, Carolyn and Clint
(Grandma's siblings that are still living - not pictured are Elaine and Ace)

Dani, Mom and Gram
(Three generations)
Hudson and Gram
Gram and mom
Gram chillin' at the lake
Gram and her baby sister Carolyn

She is such a funny Grandma. Here are some fun quotes from Gram over the years:

  • Oh, bless his heart.
  • Did you break my table? (when you fall and hurt yourself on her table)
  • Eat a piece of cake for me. (when she can't be there for your b-day)
  • You haven't cashed your check yet.
  • Well, Kath...
  • Do I need to slap you upside the neck and ears?
  • I'll give you 2o minutes to stop that. (Neck rubs and such)
  • Your name is mud.
  • I'm gonna whip ya.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Free lip injections anyone???

Today I have Angelina Jolie lips minus the sexy part. After a very stressful and toxic Wednesday, I woke up Friday with the beginnings of numerous cold sores on both sides of the top lip! I usually start downing the Lysine, using my cream from mexico and every other method I can think of to stop it. Needless to say I couldn't nip these in the bud and so they bloomed into large, blistery, ugly sores. They hurt and it's miserable. But, on the bright side, I know what I would look like with bigger lips and they didn't cost me a thing! I don't know about anyone else but, I feel like everyone I talk to is staring right at the cold sores. I am sure it's just insecurities, but it feels that way. Why is it that only some people have to suffer these and others don't? I don't get it.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Strawberries or socks???

That is the question. I went to Costco today and knew that I was picking up a prescription, milk, water, rolls and socks (with a coupon). I picked up the script, milk, water and as I went by the rolls, I saw strawberries. I forgot that I wanted to get those too! Now, the problem is that I don't have a debit card or any checks on me so I could only use cash. So I start digging in my purse for all my cash. I am counting my coins and digging and digging and praying for more money. I am calculating in my head how much more I need. I am like the little old lady with moths flying out of her purse. Well, I realize that I have to decide...strawberries or socks. The sock coupon expired Sunday and I did not want to go BACK to costco on a SATURDAY to buy socks. But, my kids LOVE strawberries. I debated. Strawberries will only last two days and then they are gone, but the kids would love them and they are good for them. Or, the socks which will last for years to come. Guess which won out? Yep, the strawberries....awwwwwwww!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I fell off the wagon!!!

I broke down and ate some more of these!!! I feel so bad. Not really, I loved every minute of it. Anyone else love these? I really "lerve" the white chocolate ones. The others are "eh" only OK!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's in a name???

I had always figured that I was probably the only Larissa ******** in the world. Chances are pretty slim that there is another one. I guess there probably is, but there couldn't possibly be too many. I liked that. When we were trying to name the kids, I wanted to make them unusual enough so that there would be a chance that they were the only one with that name but not too crazy. Well, with our last name, that is really hard to do. After Mikaela was named, everyone came out of the wood work and told me that so and so named their child that and so and so has that name. It was too late, I had chosen a popular name. So, with the boys I really thought they were original. Not as much as you would think. I have heard of one little boy around town here named Hudson and a couple of Daltons. Dalton is actually a little more popular than Hudson. Anyway, I guess there are other Mikaela, Hudson and Daltons out there. I talked to a lady today on the phone whose maiden name was the same as our last name and she has a little nephew that lives in California named Hudson! So, I guess I should have gone with Yaritza, Zamari or Locadio. That would have done it! I'm kidding people.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to Arianna!!!

"I'm three today, I'm three today, I'm three today...where's my dress-up?" These are the words uttered by Ari this morning. She loves Little Mermaid and Cham finally found some Little Mermaid dress-up which she bought when Ari was with her. So, Ari knew she was getting dress-up but, she also knew she had to wait till her birthday. She is so cute and yet so sassy!!! Good luck Billy and Cham. So, Happy Birthday to my little niece Arianna. Or Ari-nana as she calls herself.

Hudson and Baby Ari - look at all the hair!


Today is the anniversary of the death of my sister-in-law Stacey. She died 6 years ago today and I miss her. She has been on my mind all day today. So many thoughts running through my head. So many people have died recently and many of them were healthy one day and then suddenly they weren't. Life is short and fragile. We tend to forget the things that really matter in life. I guess I didn't realize how much it was bothering me today until I sat here and started writing. This evening we had E-night with a lot of music and I don't know what happened but, during one song, I just couldn't hold back the tears no matter how hard I tried. I have been super emotional today. It's not just the memory of this day, but a lot of things.

I had planned to go to the cemetary today but, I just couldn't swing it with everything going on. So, I hope that Stacey knows how much she is thought of and loved and missed. She was a wonderful person and I miss talking to her. She always had some good advice or another way to look at things. I remember the good times we had together and all the long talks. She was a great person and a great mother to her three boys. I will always cherish the last time we were together as she flew half way across the country and stayed with me. They were days one and two of her last four days on earth. I am not sure why they were spent with me, but I value that time.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Suzanne!!!

Today is Suzanne's birthday. I heard that she had to work both her jobs on her birthday. One is FT from about 8-5 and the other is PT about 12 hours a week. It just so happened that she was scheduled to work her birthday and our niece's birthday of this week. I felt so bad for her having to put in an 11 hour day on her birthday that I decided to have the kids surprise her with some balloons, flowers and a slice of mint chocolate cake. So, we hurry to get all the homework and piano done and run to the stores to get the goods. We head to the mall and slowly creep in and what do we find.....a boy that was not Suzanne. You can imagine our disappointment. The kids and I sat on a bench with the goods and tried calling all her phones. No answers. The boy that was not Suzanne told us that when she came in and he found out it was her birthday, he forced her to leave. He would not allow her to work on her birthday. He had worked the day shift and stayed the entire 11 hours so she could leave. He's this 19 year old kid getting ready for his mission. I was so impressed with him. I can't believe there are genuinely courteous kids left in the world. Anyway, she was able to go out with Nick for an enjoyable birthday evening. I hope she had a great birthday. I also hope we can get her balloons, cake and flowers to her before they pop, mold, and wilt. If not, it's the thought that counts. I hope you enjoy your thought, Suz! Since I have started the "things I love about" thing this year. I will make my list for Suzanne. So, here goes...

Things I love about Suzanne!!!
She is super generous
She is caring and compassionate
She is funny
She is gorgeous
She spoils the kids
She is good to vent things to
She is thoughtful
She is a "really good friend" to all her friends
She works her butt off
(She received a bachelors degree while working FT!
Anyone that's tried it can attest to how much work that is.)
She is a good example
She is a hard worker
She is helpful
(She will bend over backwards to help you out!)

Apparently she only likes her picture taken with other people!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

When it rains, it doesn't just FREAKIN' dumps!!!

This is my moment to vent, complain, be negative, whatever. It's my blog and I am frustrated and exhausted.

I'll start at the end of January even though January was pretty hellish. I won't bore you with the events of all the people that hurt me this month. But, everyone's been sick and there was a lot of personal turmoil.

Well, my dad got really sick suddenly and ended up being taken to the ER by ambulance. I knew how sick he was and I had awakened the doctor first to run things by him and he told me to take him to the ER. So, around 1 am I decided to take him to the ER myself. I went out to warm up the car, make a nice little bed with a pillow and blanket and got all ready. When I went to get him, he fainted in my arms and I knew it wasn't going to work. Imagine holding a 165 pound man up when he is dead weight. Since he doesn't have a wife to take care of him and I live with him, I had to deal with it. He had a really bad infection among other things that made him both scary and funny delerious. Of course we can laugh about it now but in the moment, I was freaking out! I called Suzanne to meet me at the hospital and together we waited. She was so good to help out. She missed most of work that next day and both of us missed a night of sleep. I was soooooo tired. Well dad spent a week in the hospital which included his 66th birthday. Happy Birthday dad! The night of his birthday he was in A-fib and had to be transferred to another section of the hospital. The next day we were all very worried. We all had to come to terms with the fact that we might lose him. It was the closest he had come to dying. On Tuesday, I couldn't stop crying about it and Tamra and I didn't even finish our workout. I was just losing it thinking I was losing him. Especially at this crazy time in my life. Suzanne slept over night at the hospital a couple nights and then Danielle flew out from LA and missed worked to help out. She stayed overnight and all day with him for a few nights. I am so glad that there are six of us kids. They were all so helpful and eased so much of the burden. We were able to spread the work among us all. They are all awesome. I love 'em! Thanks to Cham, Alicia and Tamra too. Oh, and Georgia (my primary pres.) who brought me a meal. Well, he came home and was very weak for a while. It's been a stressful couple of weeks. He is still having many doctors' appointments and trying to figure out the right medications and all but overall, he is healing well and getting stronger everyday. Yeah!!! But, he needs surgery next week so we will be happy when that is over.

Then, there's the motherly things. The constant worry about your kids and trying not to feel like a failure. Without getting into too much of the details, I am busy trying to help children cope and function and understand during a very difficult time. There have been some good times and some hard times. It seems as if I just get one fire put out and another starts up. Being a mother is hard enough with the usual homework, laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, meals, doctors appointments, orthodontist appointments, piano, dance, choir, soccer practice, soccer games, parent teacher conference, classroom volunteering, church calling, FHE, temple attendance, scripture study, praying, exercise, and sleep. Then imagine a little unusual stuff, more trauma and a bunch of nonsense. You get the picture. Exhausting!

Then, the wind was terrible on Saturday. The neighbors tent that covers their boat blew over the fence and into our yard. It was stopped by a pine tree with four metal posts in the air and four metal posts against a tree. Two of my neighbors came over and we were fighting the wind to get the tarp unattached from the posts. It was difficult and we felt like nothing was working. We finally got one leg undone and could work on the rest. I had Mikaela run in and get my dad to help out. A couple of the neighbor kids came to help too. It was their tent and their parents weren't home. So, we got it all apart and no one was hurt. Dalton and Hudson were the ones to see it first and they were yelling for me to come look. I looked at it and thought, I have no idea what to do here. I just kept thinking, if it decides to blow into the house and break a window, please let it be the sliding glass door that we are replacing next week. Thank goodness for the pine tree that stopped it.

Right after the tent incident, I needed to take the kids and my car to Suzanne at the mall who was taking 6 kids to a play. She needed my car to fit them all. I was late because of the tent situation so we were hurrying. Well, we are short a car and mine needed to be registered. The plan was that I would get it done the day before but the mechanic shop couldn't get me in that day so plan B was to get it done before the play. Obviously, that didn't happen. It is getting old and has high miles so I figured it wouldn't pass and would need to have it repaired. So, it decided to completely die on me on my way to the mall. Right on 10600 S. on a Saturday. In the cold rain. No hazards, no power, nothing. I sat there with my seatbelt on hoping that no one would rear end me. No one did, but a few people yelled nasty's at me. That always cheers you up. I couldn't call dad because he didn't have a car. Luckily, I had a cell phone. Yea, for technology. We decided the alternator was gone. (Come to find out, my battery was shorting and caused the alternator to go out so now they both have to be replaced.) So, I sat on 10600 S. waiting for Summer and her friend to come and help me jump start it so that I can get it to the mall where my mechanic will pick it up and we can take it to Orem. It won't hold a charge at all. So, Chamberlee guilts her brother into coming out and towing me to the mall. No way can we make it to the mall so we make it to the Denny's parking lot where we leave it overnight. The next day after church and a lousy unprepared sharing time, I meet my mechanic and we charge it and then take off for Orem as fast as we can so I don't have to use any lights. Summer and Alicia follow behind me to bring me back home. I get all the way to the freeway exit and have to use some sort of lights so I use my parking lights. I drive up to State street and I can see the street I need to turn on and my car dies again so I scoot over to the middle lane and coast to the light and stop. It was literally a block from the shop. My mechanic comes running over and tries to recharge and nothing. He runs back to his shop and brings another charger and I head to his shop. My car dies again in the entrance to his shop. By now, it is beyond ridiculous. We got it in and it is currently being fixed. Yeah!!! I have to say that to everyone that helped me and remained so calm and polite, I THANK YOU. And now I owe Summer, Josh, Cham, Conrad, Gordy, Suzanne and Nick BIG TIME!!!

During all this time, I woke up Saturday with the worst back pain. I mean painful enough that people would take Lortab for it. I didn't but, I wanted to. Apparently, I strained my back muscles doing this stupid new exercise at the gym. My core muscles are so weak. I'm tired of it. I have been working so hard for a couple years and I am still so weak. I don't know what's wrong with me. After all the stress on Saturday, my back was killing me even more. I was crying and couldn't move. On Sunday I wore my Asics to church, put my dress shoes on, got to the chapel and took em off the rest of the meetings. I did sharing time in my bare feet. It was so miserable. I didn't start feeling better till today (Tuesday).

Now, I know that many of you would probably handle all this just fine. Some of you, that may not know the whole story of me, may think I am being a baby. I am not, I am just so tired of being strong all the time and trying to hold things together. I really wanted to have a breakdown, but I didn't. I surprised myself and remained calm and just forged ahead. Those of you that know me, know that I can handle a lot, but there just comes a time when you would like for it to STOP DUMPING!!! I just want some peace and tranquility. Is it out there?