Sunday, December 30, 2007

Remember classic skating rink? Oh, and Alicia breaks her radial head!!!

So, Summer, Alicia, Val, Tonya, Micah and their boys and myself and a couple of Summer and Alicia's other friends went to Classic skating on Saturday. We got there and didn't realize HOW many teeny-boppers were actually there. We also didn't realize that they close to 16 and under at 10 pm. So, we were there too early. We skated and had a lot of fun. We were all relishing in the memories of classic skating all through middle school years. I didn't go as often as the others but, I still have memories. I think the rink is the same rink from "back in the day." I have to say that back in the '80s, I rocked on roller skates. I had a red and white pair that I used in the cauldesac all the time. I also remembered Classic's "snowball" skating. Where the boys ask girls or vice-versa and you skate around the rink to music holding hands. Can you believe they still do it!!! So, they start the snowball skating and everyone clears the rink and stands on the side waiting to be asked. How humiliating for all those kids. Back in my day, I remember watching so many people hand-hold skating but never actually doing it myself. No one wanted to hold my hand and I was too scared to ask a boy! So sad. :-( Anyway, we skated till 10 and then the funny stuff and not so funny stuff happened. Alicia comes over to tell us that the MAC makeup guy that sells them their makeup was sitting across the rink. We had been to see him two times in the past and just happened to see him that morning as Summer needed to buy some makeup. It was so funny that he was there that same day. He told Alicia over and over that he was not gay. Just because he sells makeup and he's a good skater doesn't mean he is gay. He also had some converse sneakers that he had made into skates in Paris. So, he starts skating and he is awesome. We are talking toe touches and everything. He fell a lot too. Then people showed up in costume because it was disco night. But, one guy shows up dressed in a full-on Bat Man costume with a mask and everything. He's skating around and he's pretty good too. Actually most people that show up after 10 are good skaters. There was even the creepy old guy that showed up to skate by himself. A group of people are making a skating train and Alicia tags on the end after Bat Man. He boogies a little and she lets go laughing. Around 11:30, "Can't touch this" comes on and Alicia goes out with Summer. She's on the rink for like 50 seconds. Summer does the running man on skates so Alicia does the running man and BAM falls on her tailbone. Of course, she caught herself with her hands so she ends up with extreme pain in her left arm and wrist. She scoots herself off the rink and after much nausea and light headedness and panicked breathing and crying, we whisk her off to the ER. The films come back and she has broken her elbow. The impact from the weight on her wrist jammed the elbow. So, she is in a a lot of pain and we all have a story to tell. But, it doesn't end there... The next day Summer and Alicia go to church. Everyone is asking about her arm and she is telling her awesome story. Then this guy leans over and says "Did you say you broke your arm skating at Classic last night?" She says "Yes, how did you know?" He says in a deep, firm voice "I'M BAT MAN!" Summer and Alicia start laughing and he never says another word. It's as if he really IS bat man. Or, at least he thinks he is. This whole time bat man was in their ward and they didn't know it was him. His sister is in the ward too and she was skating with them and broke her wrist. Probably the only two people that broke bones that night are in the same ward. So, the moral of the story's an extremely small world and you never know who is watching you or who knows you. So, be on your best behavior people.

Alicia, Val, Summer, Me and Ton
Chad and Russ
(Not pictured: Micah and their boys.
They were busy having "safe" fun in the jungle land)

Getting the splint.

Three gorgeous and very supportive friends.


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Stuck in an elevator!!! Plan on 40 minutes!!!

Okay, how many of you have ever been stuck in an elevator? It really doesn't happen that often. I ran an errand downtown and on my way out, I get back on the elevator. I notice a man and a lady with coats on, but they look like they aren't ready to get on the elevator so I let the door close. I notice that it has a strong smell of cigarette smoke. I figure some chain smoker had just ridden it. I sit there for a bit (like seconds really) and then I hear a ding and the elevator opens to the same floor and the man and the lady with the coats get on with me. She says "didn't you push any buttons?" I say half embarassed "no...I hardly slept last night so I am just in la la land." So, we both push our buttons and it goes from our floor (4th) down to 3rd then to 2nd and everything goes black. Emergency lighting goes on and the elevator has definitely stopped! I say to both of them, "does this happen very often?" She says "it has never happened to me." So, I look at the number and remember that it is only the 2nd floor and try not to panic. They start calling everyone to try and get a repair man out there. I just keep saying let's use the call button but they ignore me. After all the calls are made, we just stand there. I decide to make small talk with these people so I don't panic. Come to find out that one is an attorney and one is a secretary. I bring up my old boss who he knows (she has quite a reputation!) We chat about all kinds of things. It's rather boring but he's a lawyer so there ya go. It started getting hot in there so we took off our coats. We sit down on the floor and get comfy. We joked about having some Christmas gifts to eat and drink so we are okay that way. We end up there for 40 minutes and then they pry open the doors and ask if we would like to get out? The elevator is actually stuck between the floors so they have to lift us out of it.
The really interesting part about the entire thing is that about a week and a half prior to this incident, Suzanne calls me and tells me she is stuck in an elevator alone! I can tell she is going to panic so I have to talk to her and keep her mind off it. She tells me how they had just watched a show on tv about elevator deaths. You can survive the 5th floor and down but nothing more. She is stuck on the 9th floor! She tells me to tell everyone she loves them. I have to keep her totally calm. I even make her call the service button again to find out an ETA. I try to tell her that at least she is not having a baby in there or having heart surgery or stuck with a stinky person. She agrees but I don't think it helps. After all is said and done, they get her out of there after 40 minutes. So, I am figuring that it takes 40 minutes to get a service team out to your location to do an emergency open of an elevator. Keep that in mind, you never know when you might need that information!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Here are the pictures of Thanksgiving. They look oddly like the pictures from last Thanksgiving. But, rest assured, they are not. We had Suzanne's boyfriend Nick and his daughter Macey this year. It was good food and fun. The pictures are so dark. I think we live in a cave.

The gang!
L t0 R: Derrek, mom, Nick, Suzanne, Alicia, Summer, Dad, Cham, Billy, Kim

L to R: Mikaela, Ari, Hudson, Dalton, Loren and Macey
Dalton is giving a look like...take the picture and give us some food already!