Sunday, April 22, 2007

Salt Lake Marathon '07

The Salt Lake Marathon was April 21st. Don ran the half along with our friend Kyle. I ran the 5K (you can all stop laughing now) with my friend Tamra, who happens to be Kyle's wife. Normally, she would run the half but she was injured. Fortunately for me, it didn't keep her from running with me and pumping me up. Those of you who know me, know that I need a lot of encouragement. Those of you who know me also know that I am NOT a runner! For some reason, I think it dates back to 5th grade when my short, extra heavy elementary school homeroom teacher Mrs. Moore yelled at me during laps "Run faster Larissa, you should be able to run faster with those long legs." So, what worked for Forest Gump, worked the reverse for me and I never ran again. Well, until I switched to "the dark side" and started in June of 06. Thanks for nothing, Mrs. Moore (I'm not really sure that's her name.) That IS a true story. I did not make it up. Anyway, the race was awesome. Now, I don't believe I will EVER run anything more because I have this nervousness about running with friends and being the last one to come in. You know how everybody decides they can't wait any longer so they all go home and leave you. I would much rather run a 5K and WATCH AND WAIT for them!!!

We got ripped. Ugly shirt colors AND no medals.
Hey, 5K-ers are important too!!!
(FYI, I am not wearing the ugly shirt)

Don with his medal.
(He isn't wearing his shirt either)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hudson and those stinkin' tonsils!!!

Check out those huge craters!

(This was after the tonsil bleed but prior to the surgery)

Before the surgery

After the surgery

(My poor poopsie)

I don't have any pictures of the emergency story so you will have to take my word for it. I wanted to tell the story of Hudson's tonsils. Some of you may have heard about it already and if not, my bad. I didn't call anyone till much later.

It was a normal day for all of us. It just happened to be picture day for Mikaela and Hudson and I was planning on taking Dalton in for preschoolers at 1:30 pm. I was on my way to the school from the gym to volunteer in Mikaela's class when the school called me and told me that Hudson's mouth was bleeding and they couldn't figure out the source of the bleeding and it wouldn't stop. It had been 30 minutes. I told them I was on my way. I kept looking at his mouth and wondering too. I called the pediatrician and it just so happened to be noon so she said bring him right in and someone will see him (depending on who was back from lunch). So, we went directly there. When he would swallow the blood, you had no idea it was happening but when he would spit into a cup or tissue, you knew it. So, I kept asking him "are you still bleeding?" And the answer always was "yes". Luckily, our doctor came to see him and discovered his right tonsil was bleeding. He tried to silver nitrate it and it didn't work so he left to call an ENT at the local hospital to cauterize it. He came back saying he couldn't get someone at that hospital but Primary Children's Sr. Resident was curious because he had only seen one case before in an adult that ended up with Mono causing the tonsil bleed. So, he sent us to the ER at PCMC. We raced down there while Hudson spit blood into a emesis basin. It was messy. He started getting nauseous because he had swallowed so much blood. They took us right in and everyone assumed he was post op tonsillectomy and were all surprised when we said he wasn't. They all kept telling him how unusual he was. He was the best patient. He was so cute and cooperative. So grown up. The only struggles were when they needed to put in another IV. He hated the first one. They tested his blood for everything. At one point his clotting factor was off but after watching it, they decided he was okay. After a lot of other medical procedures, the resident finally decided to try and cauterize it while he was awake. Now, not all children will cooperate enough for this but, the doc decided to try it. His nurse stood behind Hudson and Hudson just kept his mouth open and still. He did everything he was asked to do. His mouth was smoking and everything. I was dying and trying to remain calm so as not to freak him out. We joked that he was a fire breathing dragon. Most children have to be put to sleep to do stuff like that. I was so proud of Hudson. He's such a good kid. So, needless to say, they kept him overnight to be observed. He enjoyed it because he wasn't really sick or in pain, and he loved all the videos and game boys etc. He even worried because the nurses were waiting on him. He felt a little guilty but I reassured him that it was their job to help people like this and we were paying them to do it. We decided to have his tonsils out so this doesn't happen again.

We had the tonsils and adenoids removed in April. I have pictures to prove that. It was nice being at PCMC because they let all three kids come and tour and listen to information about being a patient. They are so good with kids. They had fun. These pictures are Hudson's before and after shots. I felt so bad taking him in there feeling great and then having him come out feeling so badly. But, now that it has been a while, it's a great thing for him. He sleeps better and doesn't snore. Also, I just had to take a picture of his tonsils. Now, I know this is gross but, I couldn't pass it up. Look how huge they are!!!

I just have to tell you what Hudson did during his recovery. The nurse was just laughing at him. She thought he was so cute and funny. He was groggy and still trying to wake up. He looks at me and says "Mom, I want to call Mikaela." I said "Okay, why?" He said "to tell her I am through getting my tonsils out." The nurse said, "Who's Mikaela?" I said "His sister." She said "that is so sweet that you like her so much." He said "I don't." He also said to me "Mom, is Dr. White still here?" I asked why and he said "I would like to talk to him." The nurse said if he was still here, she would try and get him to come in. She thought he was like a little grown up man. She told the other nurse, this little guy is mature beyond his age.


It was more painful then we all thought it would be. But, we are so glad it is over now and it definitely has helped him. He doesn't snore anymore and he sleeps much better.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hudson gets his tonsils out!!!

Well, Hudson had his tonsils and adenoids out this morning. I will tell you more about it later and I even took pictures at this hospital visit (being that it was planned and not the emergency we had before). I just wanted to let everyone know he is doing well. His throat hurts him, but he is just the best patient. Hardly complains, rarely cries and just tolerates it all very well. He is so cute and so funny. He just has the nurses chuckling with the things he says. Mom is struggling with the fact that we took him in so healthy and then he comes out in pain and miserable. But in the end, I think he will be better off. Will write more later.