Saturday, November 7, 2009

Too many freaks...not enough circuses! sucks! There are just a bunch of freaks out there.  There are SOME good ones but MOST of them are big fat liars and are just not who they say they are!  And, I'm just getting started in this arena.  I finally decided to join the ranks of online daters.  I had three friends that had a lot of luck with online dating, so I decided to give it a try.  Huge mistake! Or, maybe the mistake lies in the site I used.  I dunno...but either way, it still stinks.  You get all sorts out there.  The guys who aren't divorced yet, the guys who can't spell or use proper grammar (the "we was-ers"), or the cussers, the LDS social drinkers, the psychos or just plain 'ole creepos.  

So, here's what happened in just a few short weeks:

I have a bunch of people who say they want to hook me up, but nothing seems to come from that.  I have a couple guys I already know that SAY they want to go out but, when you actually tell them you are willing...they don't ASK.  What's up with that? I know, I know....he's just not that into you! I watch the movie once a month to avoid becoming THAT girl.  

Then, there's the guys that you're not totally interested in, but you're willing to give it a try in case you have a little chemistry upon meeting that seems to be lacking on the internet.  Then, you meet or talk on the phone and chemistry whatsoever on your end. But, they are feeling it BIG TIME on their end.  So, what now? It's time to kick 'em to the curb and that is!

I had one guy tell me I had Barbie feet with amazing arches! CrEePy!!!
Within one week I had these two experiences:

1.  Guy emails me.  He's cute enough, educated, employed, writes well, LDS, not a social drinker, etc.  So, the next day, I decide to respond to his email.  I look at his profile picture and the dude has changed all his pictures to pictures of some chick! Then, he's changed all his "about me" crap to stuff like this: "Oh Camille,  I love you so much.  I can't believe I let you go. I can't believe I waited too long and forced you to leave me before I could realize how much I truly love you.  I've met the woman I want to spend my life with and I need help finding her." And on and on and on. Can you believe this dirt bag? Emailing girls the night before he obsessively changes his profile.  And, just a little FYI...this hasn't happened to any of my other friends before.  It's apparently some freak thing I get to experience.  Yay me!

2.  Guy emails me.  Guy looks oddly familiar.  Now, I should say that I am really good with names and usually faces too.  This guy tells me his first name and he lives around my neck of the woods.  He's younger, so I don't know him personally but I realize who he is.  A long time ago, I saw this guy who was a friend of a friend on facebook.   I was looking through his pictures and he was a big show off.  Pictures of his big house, boat, ATVs, motorcycles, motorhome, etc. Huge bragger! The reason I was looking at him is because I recognized his name from a business transaction that took place years ago.  The dude refused to pay his bill and I kept trying and trying to contact him until I finally sent him to collections.  So, the guy is a huge credit bandit! He keeps emailing me and has no clue that I know he is a big fat loser! Yuck! 

So, what this made me realize is, that I know absolutely nothing about these guys.  They are all big fat liars and fakes.  And, what if I had gotten involved with either of them before I found out what freaks they were?

I know all of my professional dater friends are laughing at me and saying I told you so...but come on. Seriously?!?  Is this what it's really like out there...or do I have issues?  I'm not sure I'm cut out for this.  I think I'll just become crazy cat lady.  

And why is it that cat woman is considered HAWT, but cat lady is just CRAZY?!? That's for another post.