Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa Bill and Mama Kat!!!

Wow, February just flew by. Dad spent his birthday in the hospital. Woo-hoo!!! Mom spent her birthday with us. Woo-hoo!!! We had a homecoming to go to on mom's birthday and then we came home and had a dinner get-together. So far the birthday celebrations around here have been pretty lame er, low key I should say. So, maybe we can redeem ourselves with Suzanne and Ari coming up. Hopefully both my parents are just happy to be having birthdays and relishing in their posterity. That's US!!! I mean, how could you not!!! (I think I'm using too many exclamation points!) I found a bunch of pictures on my computer so I am trying to add some. They are so cute. Unfortunately, we don't have very many pictures of dad when he was a little boy. They would be so cute.

Reasons we love mom:
She is funny.
She listens well.
She is brutally honest.
She made us ALL quilts this year.
She likes to hang out with the girls.
She makes desserts and then shares.
She attends all your functions.
She will mend anything we ask of her and she has a quick turnaround time.
She is our mom.

Mom and her girls

Reasons we love dad:
He is funny.
He tells dumb "dad jokes"
He calls the girls "princess"
If he hears that you need something, he will buy it the next day. (Even if you don't need it anymore and you usually don't).
He will rescue you at any time and any place.
He acts in plays.
He makes swedish pancakes.
He plays the part of a very serious "Francois"
He will fly anywhere and make a delivery or pick up for you.
He is our dad.

Dad and his princesses (and Hudson's head)

So, to anyone else that has reasons why we love Papa Bill and Mama Kat, please comment. That means you siblings!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My first Sushi!!!

I tried "real" sushi for the first time. People wonder how I lived in LA for a year and never ate sushi. That's all people do out there. But, I was a mom with kids and my kids would rather pull toenails off with pliers than eat raw fish. So, the sushi eatin' was left to Don and all the medical residents.

Suzanne, Nick and Derrek and Kim were going to Mikados and then Kim couldn't go and Danielle and I were invited. Now, I can't say that I love it...yet, but if someone were to say "you want to go for sushi" I would go. I stuck with the safe types of sushi. Can't tell you which ones cuz I can't remember the names. But I did try one of the "real raw" sushis and tried not to gag. Suzanne thought it was impressive for a non-meat eater. Nick took a picture of it for the memory, but it's a horrible picture and I look like a witch! I still love veggie tempura though. That was yummy. Oh, and P.S. I suck at chopsticks!

Derrek, Larissa & Danielle

Derrek, Suz, Nick, Larissa

Derrek and Suzanne


Wicked witch of the "west" side!
(What do you expect...freakin' Nemo's swimming down my throat!)