Friday, June 15, 2007

True Colors Concert

Summer, Alicia, Tonya and I went to the true colors concert. The radio station 101.9 had tickets for $10.19 so we went. It was Debbie Harry, Erasure, Cindy Lauper, the Dresden dolls and the Cliks playing together. We thought it might be fun. It was okay, but nothing too great. It was worth $10.19 but no more. At the end, we were on our way out and started dancing to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" or something like that. We were having fun and Alicia is taping us with her new camera. This huge guy comes up and just starts dancing with us for like a minute. No talking or anything. It was so funny.

Me, Summer, Ton, and Alicia
Summer and Ton
Summer and Alicia
Ton and Alicia

Friday, June 1, 2007

Two sick at a time!!!

It is exhausting having one child sick but, to have two sick at a time is a nightmare. I have never (knock on wood) had all three sick at once! The constant vomiting and clean up and checking temperatures and keeping track of which one had medicine at which time and pushing fluids, etc. It's too much!!! Aaaaaahhhhhh!!! Anyway, this time I had to take a photo. It's a good thing too, because now I can always remember it. I mean you can't just always remember the fun times, you have to remember the hard times that you made it through.

Dalton and Hudson

(poor sick poopsies)