Monday, January 22, 2007

Cruise 2006

In February of 2006 Don and I took cruise to Mexico with friends from the ward. We had a lot of fun. This picture is about the only decent picture depicting that we were actually on the vacation together! Either someone's eyes are closed or someone looks fat in their dress (we won't mention any names) or one person was still in their formal and one person had changed into regular clothes. I think we were the big joke of the cruise. Were we really there together? Prove it. Here you go. Don and I at Lover's beach. At least I think that's me!
This February we are taking another cruise with a lot of the same people minus the two that decided to give birth while we are gone! We are going to Hawaii. I am so excited. I will post some pictures after the cruise and hopefully, there will be one of us together although I am pretty sure Don will be in the ocean 24/7. Oh well, more pina coladas for me!


I am so stupid. I didn't download the pictures from the party. I will try to get them on the blog asap. I know you are all anxiously waiting to see them.


It is once again the time to celebrate my birth and the birth of my sister eight years younger than me (who decided to be born the day after me and steal my thunder!) Just kidding. I love you Summer. Fortunately for my family, they only have to get together once and they kill "two birds with one stone" or at least "two sisters with one cake." Except this year, Suzanne brought one costco cheesecake and one chocolate cake. So, there is plenty left over and if anyone would like a piece, come on over. Here are the pictures from our candle blowing ceremony. At first everyone was there waiting for us to blow out the candles but, it took so long for us to think up our wishes that half the people left making the birthday song "weak-bones." At least we enjoyed ourselves. Let's hope those wishes come true!!! 364 days is a long time to wait for another chance!!!