Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to Arianna!!!

"I'm three today, I'm three today, I'm three today...where's my dress-up?" These are the words uttered by Ari this morning. She loves Little Mermaid and Cham finally found some Little Mermaid dress-up which she bought when Ari was with her. So, Ari knew she was getting dress-up but, she also knew she had to wait till her birthday. She is so cute and yet so sassy!!! Good luck Billy and Cham. So, Happy Birthday to my little niece Arianna. Or Ari-nana as she calls herself.

Hudson and Baby Ari - look at all the hair!

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Anonymous said...

It is Chamberlee again (I can only comment anonymous). Thank you for the cute blog for Ari, I love it! She is a sassy thing but we usually laugh everyday even if she has to stand in time out for it. Thanks again Aunt Rissa.