Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today is the anniversary of the death of my sister-in-law Stacey. She died 6 years ago today and I miss her. She has been on my mind all day today. So many thoughts running through my head. So many people have died recently and many of them were healthy one day and then suddenly they weren't. Life is short and fragile. We tend to forget the things that really matter in life. I guess I didn't realize how much it was bothering me today until I sat here and started writing. This evening we had E-night with a lot of music and I don't know what happened but, during one song, I just couldn't hold back the tears no matter how hard I tried. I have been super emotional today. It's not just the memory of this day, but a lot of things.

I had planned to go to the cemetary today but, I just couldn't swing it with everything going on. So, I hope that Stacey knows how much she is thought of and loved and missed. She was a wonderful person and I miss talking to her. She always had some good advice or another way to look at things. I remember the good times we had together and all the long talks. She was a great person and a great mother to her three boys. I will always cherish the last time we were together as she flew half way across the country and stayed with me. They were days one and two of her last four days on earth. I am not sure why they were spent with me, but I value that time.

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