Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Suzanne!!!

Today is Suzanne's birthday. I heard that she had to work both her jobs on her birthday. One is FT from about 8-5 and the other is PT about 12 hours a week. It just so happened that she was scheduled to work her birthday and our niece's birthday of this week. I felt so bad for her having to put in an 11 hour day on her birthday that I decided to have the kids surprise her with some balloons, flowers and a slice of mint chocolate cake. So, we hurry to get all the homework and piano done and run to the stores to get the goods. We head to the mall and slowly creep in and what do we find.....a boy that was not Suzanne. You can imagine our disappointment. The kids and I sat on a bench with the goods and tried calling all her phones. No answers. The boy that was not Suzanne told us that when she came in and he found out it was her birthday, he forced her to leave. He would not allow her to work on her birthday. He had worked the day shift and stayed the entire 11 hours so she could leave. He's this 19 year old kid getting ready for his mission. I was so impressed with him. I can't believe there are genuinely courteous kids left in the world. Anyway, she was able to go out with Nick for an enjoyable birthday evening. I hope she had a great birthday. I also hope we can get her balloons, cake and flowers to her before they pop, mold, and wilt. If not, it's the thought that counts. I hope you enjoy your thought, Suz! Since I have started the "things I love about" thing this year. I will make my list for Suzanne. So, here goes...

Things I love about Suzanne!!!
She is super generous
She is caring and compassionate
She is funny
She is gorgeous
She spoils the kids
She is good to vent things to
She is thoughtful
She is a "really good friend" to all her friends
She works her butt off
(She received a bachelors degree while working FT!
Anyone that's tried it can attest to how much work that is.)
She is a good example
She is a hard worker
She is helpful
(She will bend over backwards to help you out!)

Apparently she only likes her picture taken with other people!

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