Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Gram!!!

It's Maxi's birthday today. She is 84!!! I had to post a picture of the cartoon Maxine because she is so much like Gram and Gram loves her. She looks like her, has the same name and is sassy like Gram. Gram is awesome and doing well. She still camps with us and sleeps in a tent! She rarely complains about anything. She is laid back and goes with the flow and she is a night owl. I only hope that I can follow in her footsteps. I'm praying that I received all the good genes from her and her mother!

My grandpa Boyd and grandma Maxine and her sister Elaine and Uncle Chuck

Four Generations
Grandma Rose, Grandma Maxine, Mom and Me!!!

Gram and Derrek jetskiing! Grandma rocks!!!

Gram and baby Anthony
(The oldest and youngest of the Harris reunion)

Norm, Gram, Carolyn and Clint
(Grandma's siblings that are still living - not pictured are Elaine and Ace)

Dani, Mom and Gram
(Three generations)
Hudson and Gram
Gram and mom
Gram chillin' at the lake
Gram and her baby sister Carolyn

She is such a funny Grandma. Here are some fun quotes from Gram over the years:

  • Oh, bless his heart.
  • Did you break my table? (when you fall and hurt yourself on her table)
  • Eat a piece of cake for me. (when she can't be there for your b-day)
  • You haven't cashed your check yet.
  • Well, Kath...
  • Do I need to slap you upside the neck and ears?
  • I'll give you 2o minutes to stop that. (Neck rubs and such)
  • Your name is mud.
  • I'm gonna whip ya.

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