Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's in a name???

I had always figured that I was probably the only Larissa ******** in the world. Chances are pretty slim that there is another one. I guess there probably is, but there couldn't possibly be too many. I liked that. When we were trying to name the kids, I wanted to make them unusual enough so that there would be a chance that they were the only one with that name but not too crazy. Well, with our last name, that is really hard to do. After Mikaela was named, everyone came out of the wood work and told me that so and so named their child that and so and so has that name. It was too late, I had chosen a popular name. So, with the boys I really thought they were original. Not as much as you would think. I have heard of one little boy around town here named Hudson and a couple of Daltons. Dalton is actually a little more popular than Hudson. Anyway, I guess there are other Mikaela, Hudson and Daltons out there. I talked to a lady today on the phone whose maiden name was the same as our last name and she has a little nephew that lives in California named Hudson! So, I guess I should have gone with Yaritza, Zamari or Locadio. That would have done it! I'm kidding people.


Jill Johnson said...

Hey girl. Funny thing about names, Aaron has a sister and her name is Jill Johnson. We have each others debt on our credit all the time. How are you? Please sign up to go on the cruise with Meg. We would have a blast.

Hillary said...

I have always liked you kids names. I thought they were nice, creative, but not wierd. I have found that especially for boys a good unique name is hard to come by. But you know me, I am so creative with my kids names....Emily, Joseph and Joshua.

Keli said...

I kind of like the Zamaria. Very Brangelina.

We did this same thing with Emma. We though we were being so original with an old fashioned name. There were 4 other Emma's in the nursery with her in the hospital. Oops. Then with Maggie, people would tell us all the time that they had a dog or knew of people that had a dog named Maggie. I think we picked a winner with Gretta, though. I haven't met one yet!

And you totally need to go on the cruise. You can hang with us, and we'll par-tay.

Larissa said...

Jill - I hope you and Jill don't bank at the same place. That is such a nightmare. Don is a Jr. so we have had a few mix ups with that one. I also remember once at stupid BYU (the stupid is for you, Jill) Don got a notice that he had three outstanding parking tickets and they were another Donald R. Call. We went in to clear it up and the lady insisted it was us. She kept telling me, you are his wife, Laura Call! I kept saying No. She didn't believe us. She was so dumb.

Hillary - I am so glad you didn't think the kids names were weird. You have a good last name to go with the classic names. It works.

And Keli, I think Gretta was a winner and so netherland-y too! Us netherlanders have to stick together.