Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Mikaela!!!

Mikaela had her 13th birthday today!

She is officially a teenager!

This oughta be good!

She is a great kid. She is so smart, intuitive and sensitive. She can see things from so many different perspectives. She has to endure a lot of things and she is growing into a very strong person. She's basically gonna kick butt when she gets older!

The boys are still in school so Mikaela, Grandma, Mckell, Diane and myself went to see "Confessions of a Shopaholic" at the dollar theater. Then, Mikaela went with Mckell to her dance class because it was "bring a friend" day. After that we all (Hudson, Dalton, Mikaela, me, Grandma, Summer, Nick and Suzanne) went to Leatherby's for dinner and ice cream. We had a nice time even though Summer thought Leatherby's was a little ghetto. Mikaela chose it because they have awesome chicken fingers and their carmel is delish! Plus, it's her birthday! Summer took a few pictures so when she sends them to me, I will post them.

I hope you had an awesome day Mikaela. I love you tons and tons!

You are the best daughter anyone could ask for!!!

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Homewiththekids said...

Happy Birthday Mikaela! I was thinking of you all day. I hope you had fun. Can't wait to see you one of these days. Trip to Seattle anyone? It's been super sunny here lately.

Love, Auntie Catherine