Friday, April 24, 2009

Flashback Friday

I am posting a flashback of one of my most embarrassing moments from middle school. I'm not sure why I am posting this memory, but I'm gonna go against everything in me that says not to and just do it.

It's a simple memory, really. I'm sitting in class, listening to the teacher and all of sudden...I CUT THE CHEESE! In class. In middle school. I thought I would die. Literally...die a long, drawn out, slow, embarrassing death. Everyone started laughing really hard so I laughed along with them and tried to blame it on other people. But, there was no getting away with that. I think they all knew it was me!

A few minutes later during quiet reading time, I sorta meandered over to the book shelf to sit down on the floor and find myself a book to read. I sat there going through books when this cowgirl (whose name I still remember, btw) came over with her cowgirl boots and started kicking me. Kicking me...because I cut the cheese! Seriously! Isn't my life pretty much over by this time? The last thing I needed was some cowgirl kicking me with her dung covered boots letting me know that SHE knows it was me who cut the cheese. And that's about all I remember about the story. Apparently, the embarrassment didn't last long because no one else ever called me names or teased me about it again. Maybe I blocked it from my mind. Hopefully, my "quick to act" laughter along with the rest of the class made them all wonder who really did it. But, I'm pretty sure my red face gave it away.

It's my 20 year high school reunion this year. Maybe I'll bring me some cowgirl boots and kick her in the teeth!

The reason I say "cut the cheese" even though no one ever says that anymore, is because of this Roseanne episode.  So funny.  Here's a clip from the episode of Roseanne where Becky cuts the cheese in school. In front of all her hoity toity friends and her hot date for that night. She thinks she's gonna die. (Which I can totally relate too.) My favorite part is when Crystal brings over a card after she hears of Becky's "unfortunate incident" and Roseanne says they were thinking of having her put to sleep. I couldn't find a clip of that without it being 10 minutes long.

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Summer said...

I am so proud of you for using the classic "Roseanne" clip. That is one of the best episodes.