Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!!

I have been a fan of Earth Day since college. Do something today to make a difference in our planet. We are destroying it and every little thing your family does makes a difference. Check out the trailer for the new Disney movie "earth" and also about her Earth day show. I think you'll find the info on her website shocking! I mean, Belluga whales are now getting breast cancer like humans because of the dioxins and crap in the garbage in our oceans. We are making it a difficult place for our posterity. I always think about my great grandchildren and what this world will be like for them. So, this week I ordered a second recycling can and plan to make a conscious effort to fill it instead of the garbage can. I'm also really trying to remember my reusable grocery bags. They're actually a lot better. You can fit tons of stuff in them AND carry like four at a time fairly easily. Get some if you don't have any. There are tons of tips out there. I'm encouraging you to do just one. Mikaela just told me that we are supposed to turn off all power tonight at nine for one minute. Imagine everyone doing that? What a difference a minute can make!
Earth trailer:


Hillary said...

I love my reusable grocery bags. Smiths gives you back .05 per bag everytime you use them too. So they eventually end up paying for themselves.

Also just a side note. Before you throw your plastic bottles, milk jugs, etc into the recycle can TAKE THE LID OFF. Emily's class went on a field trip last year to the dump (I know great) and they said if the lid is on the bottle they just throw it away because they don't have time to take them off.

I always like hearing about the little things we can do to help make a difference.

Larissa said...

Thanks for letting me know about the lids. I had no idea. Makes me sick that they have to throw them away if they have lids on them.

I think Albertson's will also pay you .05 per bag but they always seem to forget.