Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday Chamberlee!!!

No more "29 and lookin fine" for Cham. She is officially 30. Ahhh, welcome to the throws of being over 30. For Cham's big bash, the girls went out to dinner at Logano's, which is her favorite place, and then we went to the Tavernacle for the dueling pianos. It was pretty crazy. I think we were the only "mellow mo mo's" in the entire place. But, nonetheless, we had fun. Cham danced on the pianos (I can't believe they let people do that to the pianos!) to "Pour Some Sugar on Me." I hope Cham had a nice birthday and that her Big 30 was everything she dreamed of and more. (Not the kind of Amazing Race dream you had with D-Rock!)

The ladies!

The family

Reading to her babies. Awwww.

Cham and her friend Emily

Sweet 30!

Grandpa Santa

Alicia, Summer, and Cham

Things I love about Cham:

She will help out whenever needed

She loves to borrow my clothes

She is willing to be involved with our side of the family (and that's asking a lot!)

She is fun to play games with

She is funny

She is always willing to do stuff with you

She loves Papa Bill's smorgasbords

She is willing to help out

She is always complimenting my parenting (muchas gracias)

She loves to start DeGraaff family traditions

And, she loves the white chocolate lindor truffles like me!!!

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Chamberlee said...

I noticed you wrote I help out twice...I must be very helpful. Thanks for the blog spot, I apprecitate it and all the things were true. I love the DeGraaff's, their cute clothes, yummy food, and all the laughs. Well you did forget to write I am the favorite DeGraaff sister-in-law, I might be the only one but still...I rule.