Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Tamra

Happy Birthday to my awesome friend Tamra. She has really been there for me through so much. She is like the "older" sister I never had and always wished for. (Hee hee - I can say that because she looks so much younger than me!) She has been so encouraging through everything. She will exercise with me and put up with my crazy stories and constant talking. She will run with me (although she is a mean coach) and she won't let you be lazy. She has rescued me a number of times. She is super funny. She finds all the cool things and then tells me about them so I can buy them. She has the greatest kids and is an awesome mom. She is a great example to me. So, T, I hope you enjoyed your day.

St. George '07
Salt Lake 5K '07
(she's faster than me with an injury!)

Windy Yuba

This girl rocks on a wakeboard!

Primary Presidency '05 (St. George marathon)

Salt Lake half marathon

The "Mar-shaunt" Family
(as papa Bill lovingly calls them)
This is what we think of Classic skating


Keli said...

Does she remind you of Jill? I think they look alike. The only thing I know about T, is when her oldest daughter was little, she was the "Hi" baby, because she would say "Hi" to everyone, even during sacrament meeting!

Larissa said...

She does look a little like Jill. It must be the blonde, blonde hair.

That little Keslee was so cute. I can just picture her with her cute little curls saying "Hi" She is still super friendly. She's good to give you a hug when you are down. Can you believe how old she is getting and how much they all have grown! They're cute kids.

Larissa said...

In looking at this post, I didn't realize that all the pictures are of Tamra and I. I must really like myself. Sorry, T, I guess I don't have any pictures of you alone!

Anonymous said...

Larissa if way too kind! She is actually the awesome friend, who puts up with me and my freakish behavior. Larissa has to be one of the kindest most compassionate people I know. She never brags about herself, so I will because she can't prevent me from writing great things about her. Larissa is an excellent example of what a great mom and great person is. She teaches me something wonderful everytime I am with her! I am serious Larissa, don't try to deny it. I had to sign on anonymously beacause I don't have an account, but, I think you know who I am.
Thanks for everything L!

Anonymous said...

sorry, I should have proof read...I meant Larissa is, not Larissa if....OOOPS!

Nunn said...

Happy Birthday Tamara. It was good to see all the pictures of you and Larissa. (Larissa, we like to see you, too). Your family has grown up so much. We really miss you. Tell Kyle and all the kiddies Hi from Bishop Noorda and Paula.

Larissa said...

Now that it's out in the open, I really am an awesome friend. I just don't know what people would do without me...just kidding.

Tamra and I are a lot alike. Oftentimes, we say the same things, buy the same things and think the same things. Or, what one doesn't bring to a function, the other brings. We compliment each other. She is a hotter, funnier, smarter version of me. The End!