Friday, April 11, 2008


I haven't been blogging lately because I have been working like mad on taxes. I am going crazy with it. I haven't been sleeping well because of it, it has been major stress and I hate them! So, last night I am dreaming what seems like a very long drawn out dream. (I'm not sure I should even tell everyone because it is so crazy.) I have been looking at so many numbers and credit card statements, specifically American Express statements. In my dream, apparently I am on a cruise or something sort of vacationy like that. I go to use the restroom and the toilet paper dispenser is on the wall which would actually be where the door normally is. So, if you are sitting, ahem, you would be looking right at the toilet paper dispenser. But, this is no ordinary toilet paper dispenser. It is shaped like a paper towel dispenser with multi-fold towels in it. But, instead of the towels being dispensed, it is toilet paper which is like 12" wide and 9" long. It's stronger than toilet paper but softer than the multi-fold towels. (I'm getting to the point.) So, I pull out a piece of this weird toilet paper and I see that it feels like the toilet paper but it is American Express statements. Statements with people's information on them. All their purchases and card numbers and everything. I keep pulling more and more and discover that there are a variety of people's statements in the toilet paper dispenser. I start freaking out because this is so wrong, such an invasion of privacy and a facilitator for identity fraud, etc. So, as I start my freaking out, I get super restless and then my alarm wakes me up. Then I sort of chuckled because I was dreaming of taxes. Isn't it almost time to put it to rest? April 15th I await your arrival!


Valery said...

I just finished mine today! I feel for you!!! Good luck:)

Nunn said...

I can certainly understand your anxiety!! I just got mine mailed this morning (10:00). But what I hate most is that we have to pay so much. We have no deduction - no kids, no interest on house, etc. So, believe me, it could be worse!!