Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I hope that wasn't the ninth life

Tonight I was driving North on Redwood Road and I saw a black cat dart out into the street on the opposite side. I knew that I was going to hit it if I didn't slow down, so I did and right then a big truck heading South ran right over it. I saw the thing roll and land on it's backside with the hind legs in the air and they were flailing in jerky movements. I was so sick. I have never actually seen one get hit and die. Yuck. I don't love cats but that was really gross and sad.


Kelli said...

We saw one get hit at Hogi Yogi one time but it didn't die. Troy had to take it home and put it to sleep. It was so terrible

D-Rock said...

And thanks to your graphic description we are all sick