Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo or at our house...Hudson's Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to Hudson!!!

Nine years ago today I was racing down the freeway to my doctor in Des Moines to see if I was truly in labor. (The nurse didn't think I was and I had to beg her to let me come in to get checked.) After checking me, they decided that I was having the baby right then. I was told to run to the hospital across the street. I was still hoping I would have time to have an epidural, but they all KNEW I wasn't going to have one and no one dared tell me! They just kept leading me along until the doctor finally said no. I had two elevator mishaps (of course!) and when I finally ran (yes, ran in labor, I rock!) to the labor and delivery floor, I yelled "I'm having a baby!" They said to go into that room and pointed to the door. I ran in and ripped off my clothes. (Yes, ripped off ALL my clothes.) I wanted an epidural and I was just trying to speed things along. So, there I stood buck naked in the room with the door opened. The nurse just looked at me and said "didn't I give you a gown?" About 35 minutes after arriving at the hospital, Hudson was born. The funny thing is that we told the nurses and docs that it was cinco de mayo and they all just looked at us weirdly and said "huh?" Can you believe they didn't know what that was? Crazy midwesterners! Oh, and I should tell you that because it was while Don was in med school and this was a teaching hospital, there were two docs (one of which was in our ward), two students, and two nurses in my room. ALL watching the birth and then they needed to watch the stitches. Gotta love teaching hospitals. Anyway, he was three weeks early and came super fast. His labor was soooooo different than Mikaela's labor. (Which explains my stupidity in not going to the hospital in the first place.) But, I was so happy to have him come when he did. The timing actually worked out perfectly for us. And I would go through it all over again to have Hudson in my life. He was so tiny and cute and red. Now, he is super tall and a great kid. He is so sympathetic and sensitive. He is a wonderful student and he always gets his homework done without being asked. He knows what he wants and goes for it. He loves soccer, reading, and playing with friends. I am so proud of him and everything he does. Here are a few pictures of that cute little guy.

I don't have a scanner so these are the only newborn shots I have of him!
He's about 2 months above and 3 months below.

Mikaela and Hudson
I guess he doesn't love squishy hugs!

Hudson '03

Hudson '03

Hudson '03

Hudson and Dalton in bionicle land '08

Ice skating '06

Josh and Hudson and Dalton
St. George, 2007


Hudson '06

Cougars against the Utes '05

Hudson's Inca project '08

Hudson - St. George, Oct.'07


Hillary said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo, and Happy Birthday Hudson. I will admit that I did not celebrate Cinco de Mayo until after I lived in San Diego. What a great holiday to share your birthday with. Hudson ia a great kid. I still laugh when I think about the kids all playing together and how Melanie and Emily would call him husband. That would probably embarrass him now.

Larissa said...

Those were great times. We didn't really celebrate cinco de mayo till we went to Cali either. I know it's more a west coast thing.
That was so funny when the girls called him husband instead of Hudson. It was so cute. I told him that a while ago and he was a little embarrassed. Remember when he and Emily would have silent fights. We didn't realize they were fighting because they were being quiet. Too funny. Ah, the good ole' days.

Anonymous said...

We can't believe he's nine. Although, he looks more like a ten year old. Before you know it, Hudson and Josh will have their own band. I was thinking about that again the other day. Wouldn't that be weird.

Larissa said...

That would be super cool. Remember they practice at your house, especially since I don't have one! Hee hee

Do you remember always being in the nursing room with those two boys during sacrament meeting? We were really just getting to know each other then. Remember the lady who always came in and changed her baby's cloth diaper while we were in that tiny room? Yuck! We were both probably thinking the same thing, but wouldn't say anything to each other. We've come a long way.

It's been a fun trip down memory lane.

Anonymous said...

Oh my little Hudsy is getting so big. Happy Birthday! I just love that little guy. He is the most sensitive sweet-heart. Larissa- you are a great mom, I come to you for advice and I am not even a mom. You always have great ideas. Love you Hudsy bear!

Larissa said...

Thank you anonymous, whoever you are. You are very sweet and kind, whoever you are!