Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Dani!!!

Happy Birthday to my sister Danielle. We really miss her since she is the only sibling living outside of Utah but, we will take whatever visits we can get. Fortunately she is a flight attendant and can visit us fairly easily. I sure hope you have an awesome birthday Dani.

Some things I love about my Dani:

She is a work horse.

She is always cleaning and doing our laundry when she visits. We can't stop her!

She is super helpful.

She and I were close in age so we were in high school together, we were college roommates and worked together too. Those were great times! Remember the tarantula and how you let me crawl in your twin bed with you?

She will always babysit your kids when she visits and let you go out.

She's always giving up her hotel room to others.

She calls just to talk to the kids. I think that's cool.

She is hilarious.

She is very tolerant.

She is generous and thoughtful.

We always shared a bedroom growing up. Remember how we cleaned our room? I know, I know, it was my idea!

Dani pokey rissi eye!

But, most of all, I just enjoyed having you so close in age so I only had to endure things for a year before you joined me! You know how I hate to be alone. Love you Dani.


Dani and Hudsy bear

Dalty bug and Dani

Dani, Alicia, Tonya, Summer

Dani and Justin

Summer and Dani

Dani and Justin

Dani, Julz, Summer

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Anonymous said...

I love you Dani!!!!
Happy Birthday.