Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Birthday D-Rock!!!

Derrek at approx. 6 years old
Doesn't Dalton look a little like the birthday boy?
Today is Derrek's birthday. We are going to celebrate with a BBQ with kabobs and other meats and mom's awesome potato salad. Then we will have cake and ice cream. We are even going to try out the new slushy maker to see if it will work for the family reunion.
Because I am nine years older than Derrek, I remember helping take care of him all the time. I remember holding him, changing diapers, feeding him, and rocking him. He was the cutest little baby ever. Derrek is one of the two best brothers I have ever had! I just love him. Here are just some of the reasons I love D-Rock!
He is funny
He is smart
He is humble
He is honest
He is a peacemaker
He is insightful
He gives good advice
He is reasonable
He is patient
He is tolerant
He is good with my kids
He tries to help everyone
He is a good worker
He is a great baseball player
He is a surprisingly fast sprinter

Summer, Derrek, and Val

Kim, Derrek, Summer, Marc

Larissa, Derrek, and Summer

Derrek, Suzanne, Nick, and Larissa


keserboo said...

Hey Larissa! Thanks for sitting by me today in church! I enjoyed your company! It really helped to have you there when I played the piano. I am truely lucky to know such a great person like you. Thanks for everything you do and for all your great support! You are an amazing person and I consider you part of my family. I hope you are having a fabulous summer. Love ya tons!

Larissa said...

Kes, you are too sweet! I was glad that I had you to sit by too! I'm also happy that I got to hear you play the piano. You are so talented. Keep up the good work. And, thank you for all the compliments! You and your entire family have been awesome friends to us. We love you all so much. Thanks for being part of our lives too!

Summer has been great so far. We will have to plan some BBQ and swim get-togethers!

D-Rock said...

Keserboo! You need to keep on topic here in this posting! And that topic is celebrating the the birth of the coolest person ever. Thats right. I said ever!

C-ya L8R

keserboo said...

Oh I am sorry I thought that talking about your totally awesome sister was much more interesting! Just kidding! Happy late birthday Derek.

keserboo said...

Hey sorry I thought that talking about your totally awesome sister was much more interesting! I am just kidding! Happy late birthday Derek!