Thursday, June 19, 2008

I feel so Amish!!!

The cable t.v. went out! We can only watch one or two stations! One computer keeps dying and one computer left the building for a week (with it's owner, Summer)! So, in other words, no computer and no DVR! What?! We have no air conditioning at all! No central air or swamp cooler! I am super hot and bothered and not in a good way! Mom even told me I should go plant a garden! Are you kidding me? That would be the biggest time waster. I suck at gardening. The only way I plan to hang outside is by a pool or a lake!

I like the amish, but I don't want to live like them.

It's actually not that bad, we still have some fans strategically placed throughout the house and I can occasionally get my computer to come on if I hit in the right spot. Next week I shall be back to my technological addictions in life. But, for now, I will have small glimpses of computer time and one or two stations on t.v. and I will sweat in places I didn't know I could sweat! Who's with me!


A Mom of Boys said...

Hello Larissa- Of course you can add me as a link. And I will do the same for you. I was up really late last night reading links from Paula Blog and I came across yours. I especially liked the posting about Strawberries and Socks. I had the same delema last time I was there over Cheese Cake. Blog with you soon.


Hillary said...

I think it is time you come over for some scrapbooking. We only have a swamp cooloer but hey it's better than nothing. Give me a call :)