Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Fun!!!

Summer is officially here! It's hotter than hot outside and Dalton has started swimming lessons. All the kids are questioning bedtime at 9! Evertime I mention bedtime, Dalton says "what, it's light outside!" That would explain why they can't get to sleep until 10:30!

We spent Saturday at the pool and it was awesome! It was a great way to cool off. I think we are going to live at the pool because it is just so stinkin' hot out. The other kids will start swimming lessons in July and August (if we can figure it all out with vacations). So between all of that and a couple beach and lake trips and a trip to Seven Peaks, I think we will get our water fill. That's how we like it! Oh, and I even ate a blue raspberry snow cone for the first time in forever!!!

I love Summer!!! Bring it on!!!

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