Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's a small world after all...

Today I went to lunch with my high school friends Jen and Christie. We were celebrating mine and Jen's birthdays. Thanks Christie! She knows how to get things done! While eating at the yummy sandwich shop, we see another friend from high school, Celia. I see Celia all the time because our kids go to school together, but she hadn't seen Jen and Christie for so long. So, that was nice and then she tells us she is meeting two other girls from our high school class for lunch. It just so happens that she is also eating with a Jennifer and Kristy! Weird? Ya, I know! So, we are all sitting back to back when we see another friend, Angela, from high school walking out with her lunch to go. I make her come over and say hi to everyone. So funny. I love this small world...and I love seeing old friends!

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