Sunday, January 25, 2009

Aquarium Time

Suzanne, Nick, Cham and I decided to take the kiddos to the Acquarium on January 2nd. The kids enjoyed it and it was pretty cool to see. At one point, they allow the kids to touch the stingrays. They informed the kids that there were two rules: 1) touch them gently and 2) use only two fingers. I told the other adults to listen and they would probably hear Dalton (who just happens to be a total "rule follower") discipline someone at some point. After about 5 minutes, I hear my little Dalton say about three different times, "two fingers!" He takes after his momma. Too afraid to break any rules but hating the fact that others do! We didn't get great pictures but here are a few.

All six kiddos -Ari, Dalton, Macie, Loren, Mikaela and Hudson


Allred Family said...

Is that the aquarium at Gateway? I want to take the kids next time we are in town. It looks like fun! Go Dalton.

Larissa said...

That's the aquarium in Sandy. It was pretty cool. I haven't been to the one at Gateway. It's probably cooler.

Kelli said...

We just went on Saturday. My kids love it. And just so you know, it used to be at Gateway but then moved out to Sandy. It is the same one.