Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Big 3-0!!!

Happy 30th to Summer! Since I am also another year older and a teeny bit more lazy I think I will link you to last year's birthday posts instead of doing up a new birthday post this year. It's basically the same. No one's really changed much and I'd just be repeatin' mostly anyways!

Love ya!


Summer said...

Lame-O! Seriously? The ONE post each year I look forward to and that was it? The only things that are great and wonderful about me could fit into one small blog posting? A once in a lifetime post of awesomeness? Remember when you were 10 and I drew a drawing for your birthday? That gift counts for the rest of your life because nothing has changed.

Yes, there were a ton of questions in the above paragraph. I'm not bitter though.

Larissa said...

Are you sure you're not bitter?
I'm too tired and lazy to do birthday posts on time.
Also, I don't remember the drawing when I was 10.

I love you Summer!