Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Summer (and little OLE' me)!!!

Notice the emphasis on the OLE'!!! I am getting old!!! I am freaking out a little bit. I just turned 37 and I can see 40 lurking around the corner. I don't like it. Eeeeeekkkkk!!!!!

So, this post should dwell on Summer's Birthday. She is so much younger than I am and I am so jealous. We had a weird birthday this year. Lame family party. Four of my siblings ran off after scooping dinner into their mouths to see a Sundance movie. Stupid Sundance! The rest of us sat down to dinner and then sang a weak version of happy birthday. Cham made me the "Better than you know what cake" so, I did get a cake. We didn't take any pictures or blow out any candles. So, technically I didn't get my wish. And, I definitely NEED my wish this year. Summer got a kaluah cream pie from Marie Calendars. No candles and no song for her but, she was one of the siblings that ran off to Sundance. We may have to do a make up party. Will keep you posted.

So, here is the Happy Birthday to Summer!!!

Things I love about Summer:
(Not the season although I lerve that too!)

  • She is so dang funny. She keeps me laughing all the time. It's amazing how she helps me laugh at the terrible stuff in my life.

  • She moved back to Utah. I know it was just for me. Thanks for re-arranging your life to fit mine!

  • She is really laid back. She is my example. I am learning from her how to "not sweat the small stuff" and it really works! I call her the "whatever" girl. As in, I say, "should we do this?" Summer replies, "whatever." "Should we eat here?" "Whatever." You get the picture. My life is more relaxing now and I just "go with the flow." (Most of the time. I can't change everything at once!)

  • She corrupts me. But, I am the good example for her. It's give and take.

  • She invites me to hang with her and her friends when I am lonely.
  • She thinks I am nerdy and so weird. I don't believe she would be my friend if she weren't genetically forced to be with me. But, alas, she shares my DNA and she accepts me anyway.

  • She is my fashionista. She is honest and doesn't let you walk out of the house looking stupid. If you see me and I look ridiculous, it is because Summer wasn't home. She is also good at buying herself clothes and doesn't mind if you borrow them. (That's the "whatever" in her.) I, on the other hand, am a clothes and shoes nazi. You borrow them, you better bring them back. (That's not the part of me that "goes with the flow")

  • She loves Papa Murphy's Veggie Delite pizza. We get it all the time.

  • She used to run with me every night last summer...until she didn't! (She got sick at the end of summer and could hardly walk. Stupid "col-onhs")
  • She won't let me be a "Debbie Downer" wha-wha-whaaaa.

And those are just a few of the reasons I love Summer. Happy Birthday Summer.


Hillary said...

Happy Birthday! (a little late) Even though the day wasn't the best, hopefully this will be the start of a great year!

Summer said...

That Summer chick sure sounds like one cool person. Thanks Riss. You are so sweet. If I had a blog I would do a dedication to you. Since I don't, pretend that I did and just know that I love you!

Larissa said...

Oh Summer, I love my dedication. It is full of flattering pictures and boastful statements of how great I really am. Thank you so much.

See, that was me pretending. I love you too!