Saturday, January 5, 2008

Some of my new favorite things...

Of course, my most favorite thing is my kids. I know all mom's say this but, my kids are so awesome! They say the funniest things and make me laugh. I just look at them and think they are soooooooooo cute. It makes me tear up sometimes just thinking about them. I always have to wipe away tears when I hear how well they are doing or see them accomplish something. It doesn't take much. I am a total crybaby, especially when it comes to my kids. I am a proud mama.

This past year I discovered MAC makeup. I mean I had heard about it, but I would NEVER buy things like that for myself. I love it! Summer started buying it and I am loving it. The only problem so far is that I haven't dared use the crazy greens, blues and pinks. But, Summer does and it looks awesome. I have never been big on makeup and products for myself, but now I am loving them.

I am still watching Grey's Anatomy and waiting to see if it's gonna tank. So far, I'm still in. Only time will tell. Hmmmmmmm!

The other thing I loved this past year is white chocolate with white filling Lindor truffles. I am in heaven when I bite into these things. It's so bad and yet so good!!! I can't stop!!! I think I just ate my last one so I can officially join chocolate addicts anonymous and end the madness. But, I soooooo want more.

I love Zupas! It's a sandwhich place. It is delish!!! I had a panini with muenster cheese and pesto sauce and tomatoes. Yum. I had a salad too and that was good but the panini was to die for!

Another thing I have really loved is my camera. Not just this past year, but since I got it. I just love it. I need to learn to use it to it's full capabilities but for now, it's all good. I love being able to grab it and take pictures of anything and everything. I love this digital world and I love capturing every moment.

I love high speed internet. We have had dial-up since 1996. Dad got high speed for Christmas and I think I love it more than anyone. I can do everything so much faster. I can't believe how much time I wasted sitting there waiting for things to download. The kids love it too. Now they can chat with friends and check email and do the webkinz thing and all. I love technology. (You know you're all singing it now...) I do realize that with the new high speed comes all the troubles regarding the kids and internet safety. That part has me on constant alert and worry.

I also love blogging. I love doing mine and reading others. I love being able to blog from home and not drive to the college, pay for parking in the meters, run out and feed again after time runs out, then drive back home. So, dumb! I love technology.

And, of course, I love Hawaii. There is no better place for me. Well, I haven't been anywhere worth talking about. I tried Mexico a few times but it does not compare. Hawaii is like heaven to me. It's beautiful, warm, sandy, beachy and awesome. I can't explain it. You'll have to go and then you'll know.

I had to add DVR. I don't know how I would live without it. I can record things, watch them when I have time and stop and rewind and pause and everything. I also am addicted to reading the guide to see if I want to watch things. It really is a time saver. This was the best invention. My kids are getting so used to pausing and rewinding and laughing at things over and over again. I don't know how we will live without it. Talk about withdrawals.

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Hillary said...

I have to agree with you on many of your favorites. Digital cameras, high speed internet, and blogging are what keep me sane these days. I am also still watching Grays but I have to admit I am usually catching it on the web a day or two after it airs. I love Zupas too. Maybe we will have to meet there for lunch one day.