Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sundance '08

Why does it say 08? Because...that's when we went to Sundance. I didn't go this year because no one really wanted to and it was freakin' freezing! Last year we went to Park City and hung out but I never posted my pictures so I decided to do it now. Just pretend this is from 09. You would have assumed it anyway, if I hadn't told you.

Danielle, Mom, Billy and I went to Park City to hang out. We took some pictures and froze to death. was still fun. We didn't see any movies while we were there, we just hung out. All of my siblings saw a movie the day Summer and I were supposed to celebrate our birthdays. That's another story.

We saw Adrian Grenier after a suh-weet day of skiing and some postal shopping. (I'm quite sure he was sending postcards!) We saw a few other celebs that weren't very well known. Only Danielle could tell who they were because she is so good at spotting celebs. I swear she can spot anyone. Literally. Then, Danielle and I went to Park City on another day to hang out again. We tried to catch a shot of Charlize Theron but alas she was too quick for us and escaped out a side door of a restaurant and into a car and drove off. It was very James Bond-like!

I did an interview for a small station on t.v. It was pretty ridiculous actually. I sounded like an blubbering idiot in front of the camera with a bunch of crew members staring at me. I was just thankful that I had on a snow hat, sunglasses and scarf. I'm pretty incognito and no one actually watches that station. I figured they wouldn't use it because it was so awful, but Derrek said they probably will because they usually like dumb people. You know like Jay Leno's stupid "Jay Walkers." Um...crap.

We saw Nick Cannon, Josie Moran and Tommy Davidson (who is very short and smiley). Josie let us take a picture but I think Danielle has it. We also ran into Bart Johnson. Bart is an old friend of Danielle's from our college days at UVSC. He played the part of Troy's dad in High School Musical. Danielle took our picture for the kids because we thought they would be interested...a little. They weren't. They didn't really care. It may be because he looks so raggedy. Anyway, we had a lot of fun. But not enough fun to do it again in 09. Derrek did work the Kenneth Cole Black party this year. He was in charge of the swag. Maybe he'll post his pictures on his blog but if not, you can check em out on his facebook. I hyper-linked everyone to their IMDB page just FYI cuz I'm sweet like that.

Me and Bart

Mom, Billy, me and Dani

Adrian Grenier - Entourage hottie


Keli said...

Ooh, Adrien is a hottie. I love those pouty lips and that thick dark hair that I could run my fingers through and.....

I need a cigarette.

Kelli said...

I have always wanted to go up but never have. I guess now I have to wait untio 2010.