Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm back...

I know I wasn't gone long, but I did have a few people miss me and by miss me I mean that they emailed me wanting to know where I had gone to just because I hadn't blogged for a bit. Ya, I'm feelin' the love. The fact is, I didn't go on some awesome vacation or have some awesome holiday plans. {sigh} I have simply been super busy, super stressed and super frustrated. It's always that way with my life. Always something (and by something...I mean someone) turning things upside down. It's crazy. Nothing ever seems to stay mellow for long. The holidays came and went and were completely chaotic. We did have some fun times mixed in with the madness...so that was good. I plan to post pictures from Christmas and our other escapades soon. I know you're all just a waitin! But...you'll have to wait a little longer because I went to Costco and waited for an hour for the pictures to transfer to a CD only to find out that the order didn't go through because of their computer problems. Nice! I love wasting my time and driving back and forth in a snow storm for no reason!

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