Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This one is important, urgent and very unsettling!!!

When I finished Legal Assisting school, I wanted to go on and complete a bachelor's degree. Because I went to a small college and graduated with a non-transferable degree, I didn't have many options. I headed in the direction of Criminal Justice through Weber State because it was my only time/money saving option. I did this until the third trimester of my pregnancy with Mikaela and had to drop out. I was working full-time supporting Don's undergrad, pregnant, a den leader and going to school at nights. Something had to give. It was the scouts and eventually the schooling. I don't regret it, because I have three wonderful children whom I have raised (as opposed to daycare) because of that decision. I attempted to go back when Hudson was a newborn, but Don lived away at externships and I was playing single mom to two. I packed my breast pump and headed to school at nights. As you can imagine, it didn't last. Some can handle it, I could not! I dropped out. Now, I find myself having to face that decision again. I find myself without my degree, without a job, without enough money and without a home of my own. I have been working hard to decide my next step. I talked to the counselors and discovered my best option was to go back to Criminal Justice and get my bachelors. I was unhappy about this and sort of wanted out of law/crime. As I have been pondering what to do, I decided that maybe I am to finish in Criminal Justice. Things have changed since I started this 12 years ago. The internet was just a small part of society back then. Now, it has become a wonderful tool for everyone as well as an evil avenue for sick and shocking crimes! I think I have discovered my future. I am 95% sure I am finishing my bachelors in Criminal Justice and may possibly work in the internet safety field. (Not looking at the crap. I can't do that.) Anyway, on to my post.

Over the weekend I watched the Oprah episode that I had missed a few weeks ago. Some of you may have seen it, others may have heard about it. It was extremely disturbing and awful. It truly changed who I am. Those of you that have thought about the issue of child pornography have probably only imagined how awful it can be. I know that it is worse than any of us can really imagine. After hearing what little they told us on the Oprah show (and it was by far ENOUGH) I knew that this was more disgusting and appalling than I could ever imagine! I don't think there is a person out there that watched that show without feeling horror and deep sadness. I gasped, held my hands over my mouth and cried when I heard what I heard. Two other people I know couldn't watch it and walked away. So, without explaining in details, please trust me that this issue is worse than you know. Think of how you view this issue and then add 100 times the disgust, filth, and sorrow and you will have it. These children have no voice in this issue. The victims are getting younger and younger and the crimes against them are getting more and more horrific. A bipartisan bill is up for senate vote on the 27th of this month which is in just a few days. Please go to this website and get the sample letter and information you need to write or call your senators. This matter is urgent!!! Please do it today!!!


Those of you with blogs, especially well viewed blogs, please let people know about this via your blog. Also, for those of you in Utah, there is an offenders website where you can check out your neighborhood for offenders. It's a good website and it's good to know who to watch out for. Keep in mind that this is just the offenders we know about. There are others in your neighborhoods we don't know about. Here are the sites for the Utah and the National registry as well.
Utah registry: http://corrections.utah.gov/asp-bin/sonar.asp?m=1
National registry: http://www.familywatchdog.us/


Keli said...

Okee Dokee. I copied and pasted like a good girl. I can honestly say that is the most involved in politics I've ever been! I feel so grown up!

Thanks for being so fervent on this issue. We need more people like you. Maybe you should run for Senate?

Larissa said...

Look at you Keli, you are growing up. Keep up the good work. And me in the Senate? That is a funny one. I'd be the dumbest politician in history.

Hillary said...

Good luck with the school thing. Ug.

This is a very scary issue. I have lived in two wards were there were "red dots" who actually attended church. I know that they were going through the repentace process, but I still would not let my kids go to their houses and stuff. I am all for doing whatever you can to stop hurting children that way. (or anyway)

Larissa said...

I know. It's a huge scary issue. We have two on the sites in our ward and one that will never be caught. I know how you feel about the whole repentance thing. We all treat the one with respect and support his repentance and return to church but, he is not allowed to work with or be alone with youth and children. The fact is that rehabilitation is very difficult and the best thing is to remove any temptation. The church won't allow them to ever work with youth again. I am very glad about that! I think you can't be too careful. I also believe that may be why I am still in primary after 4 years!