Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dalton lost his front tooth!

He came home from school on Thursday with a missing front tooth! It has been super wiggly and I kept telling him to hold out on losing it until after all our pictures (school and family). So, you will notice that our family pics have both his front teeth. I wanted one last picture of him with baby teeth! I really thought I might have a kid that would finally have his missing two front teeth for Christmas but, now I'm not so sure. That new tooth is coming in like gangbusters. This whole losing his two front teeth thing has been hard for me. The others weren't as hard and I think it's because he is my baby. I tend to think of him as my baby and sometimes treat him as such. Not like I feed him bottles or baby food or weirdo stuff like that. I mean I don't realize how old he really is. I hear him say things and think, this kid is so smart. Then, I realize he is suppose to think and say things like that. Like today I really realized that he is six! A first grader! When Mikaela was this age, I thought she was much older than I think Dalton is. It's not because he is more immature or anything. It's me and my thinking. Maybe it was because I had a new baby and a toddler and she was such a big helper at six. Dalton hasn't had that kind of opportunity. Anyhoo, I can't really explain it, but those of you that know you have had your last baby, know what I am talking about.

So, Cham had a great idea to get a professional (and by professional we mean 3.99 from walmart) picture of them with their missing two front teeth. I sure wish I had thought to do that with the other two. That would have been so cute. So, hopefully I will do that and get it posted. We are still waiting for the second tooth to come out. I can wait a little longer than he can!

Pictures to follow soon. Have to run to Costco first. Stinkin computer.


Keli said...

Can't wait to see the pics.

Hillary said...

Emily lost her two front teeth right before 1st grade. I was so excited to get her first school picture with her teeth gone. Then the pictures came home and the photographer had all of the kids in her class with missing teeth smile with their mouth closed. What a dope. (can you tell I still have issues about this) At that school the retakes were the day after the pictures came home. Emily was sick the day the pictures came out so I did not get her picture until it was too late to do retakes. The lesson I learned from that was to always write in the comment section on the order form exactly what I want. (sorry for the soapbox)
I agree you need a picture of the missing teeth.

Kelli said...

Kids grow up way to fast. We lost a tooth a couple weeks ago in Yellowstone.

A Mom of Boys said...

Way to go Dalton!!! Ethan is soooo jealous. He has not lost any teeth yet. He just keeps waiting.