Sunday, September 21, 2008

High Council Stripper?!?

I went to the "noisy ward" today. It was High Council sunday. The speaker was speaking and then suddenly tells us that it is really hot in the chapel. He asks if he can take off his jacket. He continues with his talk and then asks if he can loosen his tie as he is still hot. By this time, we are looking at each other thinking "this is weird, right?" I was secretly thinking that he must be having a heart attack which would be the only sane reason to explain his inappropriate sweating and following strip tease. But, alas, it was no heart attack and was actually a part of the talk. Weird! So weird that I can't recall how it related to the talk.

The "noisy ward" refers to my surrogate ward. Since Don decided to stay in the ward, we agreed to rotate wards. The kids stay put and the parents rotate. Weird! I know, but nothing in my life is normal so why should this be! So, when one of us has the kids, they attend the ward that week. The other person has to find elsewhere to go. I have a surrogate ward that I attend and it's noisier than H.E. "doublehockeysticks"

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Lolly said...

Wow okay i wasn't the only one who thought that! lol And he already is a VERY STRANGE guy! He gives my whole family the creeps! Glad it was just part of the talk! :)