Sunday, September 14, 2008

A little clarification for my sake

Some random stranger made a comment to my last post, which is fine, but I thought I would clarify a few things. First of all, I do think of myself as a proactive parent. More proactive than most, less than some. Secondly, I like public school and would love to see it improve and get better. I think there are many great teachers out there. I volunteer my time and do as much as I feel I can do within my capabilities. I do feel that nothing will prepare a person for real life like public school. However, in some situations, kids are falling through the cracks no matter how hard you work at it or try. And sometimes too many choices can be a bad thing. Thirdly, it's not just a "charter school" that I want my children to get their education from. I did not mean to infer that I simply wanted any old "charter school." I know of one charter school where one of the teachers is not even an educator and a drug addict. Stability is super important to me and I don't think it's a good idea to take your kids out of school and put them in a charter school just because it is the rage. I think much research has to be done before doing that. I can't tell you how many people take their kids out of public school, put them in a charter, take them out of that one, put them back in public school, find another charter and put them there. That is ridiculous! So, my priorities on a new school are: 1) feel comfortable with everything about the school, 2) have many recommendations (from parents and students) about the school, 3) not have any bad things said about the school and 4) location, location, location. So, unless I have those priorities, I won't move my children. Stability counts for something in my book! And, let's face it, this is my book! Plus, I was just crabby last post!


Hillary said...

I agree. I have been debating putting Joe in a charter school. I found one that people told me did the same curriculum as the private school I like (but can't afford) So I started asking around. I got mixed reviews. The parents with older (jr high) children love the school and the teachers, but the parents I found with younger kids were not all that happy and most had taken their kids out and put them in the local public school. So I have decided to not try to get Joe in.

I think you have to try to do what you can for your kids and I also believe that sometimes ther are reasons for what happens. Good luck and keep trying. I think you are a great mom.

Jacob said...

I will have to admit that you are the first person ever to refer to me as "some random stranger".

I definitely agree that it is important to do "due diligence" on all of life decisions. I will also agree that the quality of education in public schools is waning. "Father knows best" (or mother in your case) is always a good philosophy.

My point is that if a person feels that passionate about something then they should stick to it and try all necessary avenues to accomplish what they want and need.

Some of my favorite passages in the BOM speak of how God will not only bless us with our needs but also with our wants and desires.

BTW my name is Jacob Kerksiek. I am related to Keli Noorda's husband. I grew up as a child in Riverton. Back in the good ol days. So in future posts I hope to be referred something along the lines of Keli's weirdo cousin-in-Law.

Larissa said...

Sorry about the "some random stranger" comment. If you will notice, I did say it was fine to comment, though. After reading your comment, I thought I had better clarify my feelings on things. I tend to sound ungrateful and witchy. I'm not always that way.
I guess I have yet to witness the whole wants and desires things. Someday, I suppose. Unfortunately, I can only vent and can not tell my entire story to the public so it is hard for people to understand where I am coming from. Life sucks right now really bad and it will hopefully get better in time.
Ok, from now on you shall be known as Keli's weirdo cousin-in-law! I like that title! It's a good one!