Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's not a tumor...


Keli said...

That sucks. Get it? Suck? Tongue? Yeah, I crack me up.

Seriously, though. That sucks. I'm glad it's benign, but still, icky! I wonder if they'll bandage you like that boy on A Christmas Story?

Jill Johnson said...

I m so glad you aren't going to die.

Summer said...

Ah the "It's not a tumor" scene. Classic! I love that any movie comment I make to you, you magically find a You Tube clip for it. Why don't you give this one a try. "Everybody uses everybody.....don't they"

You get points for
A-naming the movie and
B-magically finding a matching clip

Now Go

Hillary said...

I'm glad it is benign. I think it is always scary to think you might have any kind of cancer.

I didn't know you have a geographic toungue. Emily has one. We always try to make it a cool thing and tell her she should be proud of it, but I know in a couple of years she will start to be more aware of the uniquness of it.