Friday, September 19, 2008


Mikaela made it past the teachers review and the interview for student body officer at her school. They will choose 4 out of 10 kids. So, the competition is stiff. We now have the weekend to make a video and posters. Yikes! We need a theme and some creative ideas. Are there any blogging friends or blogging strangers that have any great ideas? This is the time for all you stalkers and lurkers out there to give me some of your creative juices. I promise I won't freak out. Unless, of course, you are a physchopath! I always freak on psychopaths. We can always use the last name somehow. Thanks a bunch guys.


Sara said...

Hi Larissa,
I found your blog through Keli's (my mom also passed away from pancreatic cancer). I blog surf all the time (way too much of the time, actually) and I stopped at your blog. Your family picture looked very familiar. I am also a divorced mom of 3, two boys, one girl. My husband left when I was 8 mo. pregnant with my little girl. Then, less than two years later, my mom died. I've had many of those "life sucks!" moments. Anyway, I don't know your story really, but I am impressed. It is hard, but you are obviously doing a terrific job!

Eric said...

I told D-Rock that we could make a really funny video that would be hilarious to us, but none of the kids would get it. Perhaps we could dress up as the Jonas Brothers? And Summer could be Miley Cyrus? And Papa Bill could be Santa Claus and we could all make an appearance saying how great Mikaela would be. And for some reason, shirtless scenes of Norm were always funny. We could patch one of those in.

Kelli said...

No creative juices flowing here, sorry!

Hillary said...

I am not much help, but I wanted to wish Mikaela Good Luck!

Lisa Bearnson had a post on her blog in the spring with a link to her son's campaign video for SBO maybe watching that might give you some ideas.