Monday, May 4, 2009

That's what I'm talking about...

Mikaela told me tonight that she is one of three students with the highest CRT testing scores in math out of all 8 of her teacher's classes! read it right...HIGHEST and MATH!!!

Rock on!!!

Last year Mikaela was failing in math. We were struggling and didn't know how we were going to pull out of it. At the end of last year and after talking about it for soooo long, I FINALLY hired a tutor and she has been tutored once a week for over a year. It so paid off! I am so excited...She is so excited...Hudson even high fived her and told her "good job."

We are happy tonight!


I have to say that I know I complain a lot about the fact that I have to live with my dad and I don't have my own home, but if it weren't for him allowing us to live here, we would never be able to have paid for a tutor for so long. I also wouldn't be able to stay home with my children as long as I have. So, a big thank you to my daddy for keeping us from being homeless and a big thank you to everyone in my life that has helped us get through it all!


Can you tell that I am happy? So, so happy!


Eric said...

You should have told me, I have tutored Summer and Cham in math. That would have carried on the tradition.

LuVera said...

Way to go Mikaela and smart Mom!

Allred Family said...


Kelli said...

Good job Mikaela!