Friday, May 29, 2009

Flashback Friday

This Flashback is about my first REAL crush. I did have a boyfriend in Kindergarten, but all we did was stand on opposite sides of the fence at recess and take turns spanking each others' butts! Ya...I was slutty at age five.

I was about 10 years old and my crush was an older guy. The ripe old age of twelve...and...he passed the sacrament! So, I concocted a plan to make him notice me. I had to be assertive as I didn't have much to offer physically. After all, I was super skinny, (I would love this problem now...) wore wonder woman glasses and braces. Oh, and sometimes I wore my headgear!


So, my plan was to go to church as usual, but be the first one in my family in the chapel. I would then rush to the front row...yep...FRONT ROW! (I wouldn't say I was good at being subtle.) I knew that he always passed the sacrament to the front row and I had been watching from afar and devised this plan weeks in advance. It was totally premeditated.

That oughta get his attention...and not at all obvious!

Sunday comes and we head to church. I rush in and plant us on the front row. I'm sure my mom wanted to kick my butt for doing this, but I don't remember her getting mad. I'm the oldest of six kids and the youngest was baby D-rock who was around a year old. I was holding him and bouncing him on my knee like a good big sister when it came time for the sacrament. This is it! I thought to myself. I was so excited. He was going to see me and then I would be in his mind all day!

It was the perfect plan to get my man.

Because we were on the front row, he walked along and passed it to all of us. (As opposed to us passing it down the row to the other end.) It was time for the water. I was on the end, so that meant I was the last one to get it on my row. He holds the tray in front of me so that I can partake, when all of a sudden...BAM!!! Baby D-rock's hands grab at the tray and the little cups of water spill all down both D-rock and myself.

I was so embarrassed! I thought I would die. It was awful!

I guess I didn't impress that guy because he never reciprocated any love or attention. That's ok, he was actually kinda weird. I have no idea what I really saw in him anyway. And that's how the rest of my attempts at attention from men continued throughout my life. They would pretty much always blow up in my face...

or...spill down my dress! :)


Hillary said...

That is great! The things we girls do to get a boys attention.

Jill Johnson said...

Who was it? My Brother? No, you were way too hot for him. Not much has changed, nerdy glasses and acne to speedos.

Lew said...

That picture of you looks just like Mikaela! So crazy. Funny story!

Larissa said...

I know, right? Girls do the dumbest things to get boys to notice them.

No Jill, it wasn't Troy. He was the same age as I was and I wasn't in your ward till we were like 17! Plus, there is no way I was way too hot for him. If anything we both were equal in the nerdy glasses and acne department. But, the Speedo department is ALL him!

It is weird. Mikaela and I did look a lot alike when I was young.

Anonymous said...

Come on Larissa, post his initials!