Friday, May 1, 2009

Flashback Friday

Did you know that sometimes Mother really does know best?

This memory is one of those times where I learned (the hard way) that mother knows best. It was middle school (again) and it was tryouts for the school talent show. I guess they have to do tryouts or the talent show would go on and on with ridiculously non-talented people like myself. So, I decided to try out. Now, I wasn't very good at the piano, but I partially blame my teacher. Not because he didn't understand the piano, but he wasn't a very good teacher. I also took dance lessons so I decided that I would dance. I learned the dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller. (This was the '80s people and it had just come out!) My mom had made a really cool costume with the red jacket and everything. So, this was actually really cool! My mom tells me that I should do the Thriller dance. Keep in mind that no one else was doing that back then. It was unique. My first thought, I don't wanna do that dance. I wanna do something else. So, I start dreaming up some dance choreographed by me! I have these grandiose visions of how great it will be. I don't even remember what I planned to use for a costume. Yikes! I head to tryouts with this so-called made up dance. My sister stayed after school because she didn't have a ride and she got to watch this special event. Fortunately, she does not remember it. Phew! They call my name and I go up and do my dance. It.was.awful! I couldn't remember any of the awesome moves I had made up. I couldn't do the dance. I was freestylin it up there and it was REALLY bad! While I was up there, I knew that I was embarrassing myself, but I also knew that I had done it to myself. As soon as I was finished...with my enormous feelings of shame and regret...I knew that my mother knew best! I was so mad at myself for not listening to her. With a really cool, unusual, solid dance plus an awesome costume, I had a good chance of making it, but after what I did, I'm surprised they allowed me back into school. It was really bad!

I often tell Mikaela this story...I think she's sick of it.


If she wants to learn the hard way...

I'm just saying!

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