Friday, May 15, 2009

Flashback Friday

I was at Costco last week and brushed past my friend Jennifer's old boyfriend from high school. He looked at me briefly like he recognized me and then quickly looked away. It took me a second to realize who he was. Had he not acted so strangely, I may not have even noticed or remembered! Anyway, that reminded me of a high school memory and I figured that I would make it my Flashback Friday.

During the end of my junior year and the beginning of my senior year in high school, my three friends Krista, Christie and Jen ALL got boyfriends from West Jordan High school. Not just boyfriends...but...boyfriends that were also ALL friends. As usual, I was the odd man out (or woman in this case). No one wanted to date me or make me their girlfriend. {sniff, sniff} No one except...Richard Simmons! Oh ya, that's right...Richard Simmons. This is a story about the time I went out with Richard Simmons.

Jen, her boyfriend Adam, myself and Richie Simmons (ya, that's what we called him) went to the Erasure concert at Wolf Mountain. (I'm totally dating myself here.) We were hanging out and having a good time dancing and singing when Richie starts putting the moves on me. They were ever-so subtle and fairly lame but, they were moves nonetheless. I was not attracted to Richie in "that way" and these moves were making it hard to enjoy Andy Bell in a tutu! (said "tutu" made all the guys sick -btw.) Jen could tell that his moves were buggin me so she tried to dance her way next to me and shoved him aside. It worked...he got the hint. After the concert, she hopped in the back seat with me so Richie had to sit in the front! What an awesome friend!

I was a little upset because I felt like Richie just assumed we were together even though he never actually asked me to the concert and he never paid for my ticket. He just expected a little action because of his curly hair and his name. Can you believe it?

I chased Richie away that day. As well as any chances of ever being "THE" Mrs. Richard Simmons. I didn't hang out with him too many more times after that and he certainly never tried anything again. It friends take the cute guys and I'm stuck with Richard Simmons. caught me...of course it wasn't "THE" Richard Simmons. But...his name was Richard Simmons and he did have curly hair, but he was much taller than the real "shorty-short wearing aerobics queen that we all know...and David Letterman hates".

So, really I didn't go "OUT" with Richard Simmons nor was it "THE" Richard Simmons makes for a great story...don't ya think?

I do.


Allred Family said...

Good story - so who did you see at Costco??

Larissa said...

Hey Noelle, remember Adam? It was him. He looks the same. Tall and skinny!

Kathie said...

Ha Ha Ha--That was a great story!